Assign An Executor Or Memorialize Your Online Account

Assign an Executor to manage your social media accounts

Statistics Source : ( Here are some mind-boggling statistics about Social media use—There are roughly 3.5 billion active users on social media, and 6.4 new accounts are registered every second. Typically a user has 7.6 social media accounts. Every day, they use social media for about 144 minutes and spend almost 7 hours online. In […]

How To Manage Your Digital Legacy?

Manage Your Digital Legacy

The high tides of the digital revolution have changed ways of living. We produce, circulate, and store confidential information on internet based platforms. In this process, we leave behind a digital legacy when we pass away. However, in the 2017 Digital Death Survey by the Digital Legacy Association, 83% of participants stated that they had […]

How To Prepare A Digital Legacy Plan For Baby Boomers?

prepare a Digital Legacy Plan For Baby Boomers

A study by Forbes says Boomers who use the internet have an average of 4.6 social media accounts. Facebook and LinkedIn are the two most popular platforms, and 82% of people use at least one. Did you know just over 20 years ago, only 7% of people around the globe were online? Currently, greater than […]

3 Ways To Pass On Your Values And Memories Via Digital Legacy

Pass on Your Values and Memories Via Digital Legacy

Life expectancy rates continue to rise with medical advancements. But even after all this progress, more and more people are thinking about their mortality and what will happen to their digital legacy after death. A Digital legacy includes “the digital property, information, and data an individual acquires during their lifetime.” This can include everything you […]

Leaving Behind A Long-Lasting Digital Legacy

Leaving behind a long-lasting Digital Legacy

With the advent of digitalization, we all own a digital life beyond our everyday lives. Perhaps, it is like two facets of the same coin. And our digital lives align with our personal, professional, and social needs. So, consciously or unconsciously, we all create a digital footprint. These footprints together define the definitive path followed. […]

How To Close The Best Buy Account Of A Deceased Person?

How To Close The Best Buy Account Of A Deceased Person

Our life is nothing but a compilation of a few inevitable events. All of us are mere mortals and understand that we have to bid farewell to this world, sooner or later. Yet losing a loved one is always a tough pill to swallow. It is quite obvious that you might have to take care […]

What Happens To Digital Accounts After Death?

what happens to your online life after death

People often wonder, what happens to digital accounts after death? It’s a question that a growing number of people have asked as the use of online services has become more prevalent. People use several digital accounts daily, such as email, social media, and online banking. So, what happens to your online life after death? In […]

How To Leave Behind Your Digital Legacy?

How To Leave Behind Your Digital Legacy

During our lifetime, we are online for so many hours a day, creating digital assets. These digital assets combine to create digital legacy. The digital assets we leave behind after passing away are known as our digital legacy. The various platforms we use to create this digital legacy are social media, online banking, emails, blogs, […]

Make a Time Capsule to Preserve Your Family Memories

Make a Digital Time Capsule

The idea of communicating with future descendants eventually turned into specific messages designed to be open at some specific date, i.e., Time Capsule. The concept of Time Capsule was created by Thornwell Jacobs, inspired by Egyptian tombs. It is a beautiful thing to build a Time Capsule to capture and celebrate memories in the future. […]

What Is A Legacy Contact?

What Is A Legacy Contact Feature?

As we go through life, we amass a lot of belongings and possessions. For many of us, our things are more than just material items – they represent our memories, accomplishments, and hard work. That is where asset protection comes in. Asset protection safeguards your belongings and possessions from being taken or dissipated after death. […]