Emergency Vault

Emergency Vault. Secure & Access Your Most Critical Information.

Emergency Vault

Keep track of all the information that is critical to you.

Medical Information

Include prescription drugs, allergies, serious medical conditions, and crucial documents that you will need at critical times in the ICE Vault.

Critical Documents

Ensure that the most crucial documents, such as those pertaining to your identity, insurance, and other matters, are accessible in an emergency.

Important Contacts

Include all of your contacts—legal, medical, insurance, and other in the Emergency ICE Vault—so that your family can readily get in touch with them in an emergency.

Unique, secure, real-time tracking. Test it out!

Emergency Access

Tag files and critical information to be accessible via ICE Vault to emergency contacts.

Peace of Mind

Your emergency contacts are made aware of your Emergency Vault allocation.

Safe and Secure

The contents are not visible to your emergency contacts until the ICE Vault is open.

Control Access

Once the Emergency Vault is opened, all of your emergency contacts are notified.


How It Works?

Create an account with Clocr

Answer a few simple questions related to your online and offline life to get started.

Upload files

Save all the information and documents you'll need in an emergency.

Assign emergency contacts

Let loved ones access ICE Vault during emergencies

Frequently Asked Questions

Clocr’s Emergency Vault, is built on a unique, proprietary and patent-pending security platform that uses InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and blockchain concepts that provides additional layers of protection.
Emergency Vault offers a secure place to store all of your critical and medical information and make it accessible at the touch of a button.
Clocr’s Emergency ICE Vault is compatible with all devices like mobile phone, tablet and desktop.
Your account will be converted to a freemium one after the subscription time ends, however the emergency vault is not offered in this version. You must resubscribe if you want to continue using our service.
Drag and drop the required file from your computer, then label it with the ICE tag to save it in your emergency vault.
In addition to strong password, we have multi-factor authentication to offer additional layers of security for logging in.
We engage renowned, trusted third-party security firms to perform vulnerability testing, audits and penetration testing of Clocr application and infrastructure.
We use the highest standard in network communications to provide bank level security. Data is transmitted using TLS 1.2 with AES 256 encryption, preventing any man-in-the-middle attack or data snooping.
Clocr takes extreme measures in safeguarding your data and continually researches and employs new ways to protect your data stored in Vault ICE.

What’s Included In Emergency Planning

Emergency (ICE) Vault

Your family can access critical documents when they need it most.

Emergency Card

Reach loved ones instantly in an emergency.

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Plan & Protect Your Loved Ones From Unexpected Emergencies.

Emergency Planning

Emergencies often come unannounced. Plan comprehensively and be prepared with Emergency Card & In Case of Emergency (ICE) Vault.

Family Vault

Organize, manage and appoint nominees for all your online accounts information, and critical documents such as–legal, medical, & more

Directives & Wills

Create Last Will, Social Media Will and more. Ensure your assets are managed the way you wish after you pass away.

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