Pass on your tales, memories, legacy with Time Capsule

Let your family and friends remember you in the most loving way.

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For the people you cherish & for yourself.

Loved Ones

Your loved ones will learn from your memorable experiences and values.

Next Generation

Your future generation has the opportunity to know the real you.


Save milestones for self-encouragement and messages that you want to tell yourself via Digital Time Capsule.

Store the past. Record the present. Pass-on the future to next-gen.

Final Wishes

Document your final wishes at your own pace, in private. You can choose to share with anyone at any time.

Bedtime Stories

Share special stories now whenever you want. You may be miles away, but your children or grandchildren can access bedtime stories and special messages from you anytime with time capsule.


Sometimes the truth can be awkward, humbling, or painful—often easier said in writing. Make an online time capsule message now and schedule it to be unlocked by the receiver anytime.

Time Capsule

How It Works?

Set up your Clocr account

Answer a few simple questions

Record and save

Save your memories in a time capsule by recording an audio/video message or uploading files like photos, videos, notes.

Set a time & date to deliver

Decide the time & date and recipient(s) for the messages that you want to send.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Time Capsule is a first-of-its-kind digital journal that you can use to take notes, document significant personal/family events, or write what is difficult to say out loud. Notes and video/audio messages can also be scheduled to share with whomever you choose.
You can use this feature to take notes, make diary entries, document significant personal events or any other time capsule ideas. You can also schedule note and audio/video message delivery to whomever you wish.
The time capsule allows you to share your stories, memories and thoughts with your loved ones and future self. You can also schedule note and audio/video message delivery to whomever you wish, after you have passed on. Having an online time capsule ensures that your memories are secured and preserved for a long time.
Yes. At Clocr, we value your privacy. You can assign your loved ones as beneficiaries to your files and manage the level of access they have to each file.
Yes, you can schedule the delivery of your files to whomever you choose and they will receive it as per your instructions.

What’s Included In Your Family Vault?

Time Capsule

Preserve, protect, share. Messages for the future.

Digital Vault

Secure your documents, choose who can access them.

Digital Estate

Your online accounts taken care of after you're gone.

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Plan & Protect Your Loved Ones From Unexpected Emergencies.

Emergency Planning

Emergencies often come unannounced. Plan comprehensively and be prepared with Emergency Card & In Case of Emergency (ICE) Vault.

Family Vault

Organize, manage and appoint nominees for all your online accounts information, and critical documents such as–legal, medical, & more

Directives & Wills

Create Last Will, Social Media Will and more. Ensure your assets are managed the way you wish after you pass away.

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