Your Personal Digital Time Capsule

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Pass on your stories, memories, and apologies. Write about those heart-felt experiences; elaborate on your wishes, hopes, and dreams, the values that you want to share with your loved ones.

Inscribe whenever the mood strikes, share with whoever you choose, release when the time is right

Legacy, Values, Memories – Yes, they are important and you can pass them on to next generation

  • You have lived a legacy and want your family to benefit from your experiences.
  • You want your kids and grandkids, to know and understand your story and what you stood for.
  • You have the wisdom to share. Your kids have spent their lifetime with you, but do they really know you–beyond the role of a parent
  • You want your kids and grandkids, to know and understand your story and what you stood for.

Help your loved ones walk down memory lane

Easily done from your phone, upload pictures, short videos and messages onto Clocr. Create digital archives with specific messages and save them at Clocr. Don’t let memories get buried in your photos never to be seen again. Share those special moments from a grandchild’s basketball game; memories with loved ones sharing simple moments at the movies or in the park, Capture your reflections favorite poems, books, and movies; share those lessons learned.

How about sharing bed time stories?

Let your kids or grandkids unlock that special bedtime story when they are ready. You may be fast asleep miles away but you can put the kids to bed with your stories, your way.

Share your final wishes

Sharing your final wishes doesn’t have to be awkward, neglected or forgotten. You can document from the comfort and privacy of your home and decide whom to share your innermost thoughts with). Scraps of paper, documents, hard copies are easily lost or misplaced, digital documentation is safe and secure.  Keep your wishes and intentions relevant by reflecting your current values.

Share your apologies

Truth can be awkward, humbling. Sometimes it’s difficult to say what has to be said in person. Do it in writing. Make it a time capsule message and set a time for the receiver to unlock the message.