Assign an Executor or Memorialize Your Online Account

Assign an Executor to manage your social media accounts

Our online assets have increased over the past few decades. It is due to rapid digitalization. We have more social media accounts today than ever because more people have access to the internet. However, it is hard to manage them with all the different passwords and usernames. Most people also have more than one email, and they designate each one a purpose. But, remembering all the information about these accounts and profiles is not always possible. 

So, what happens to these social media profiles after our passing? Do they automatically disappear? The answer is some of them disappear if such a thing is in the user agreement. But, how can we manage these digital assets before we pass away? This article will walk you through the two options for managing your social media accounts.

1. Memorialize it

Most social media platforms automatically delete the account after a period of inactivity, which seems convenient. However, many people do not want their profiles to get deleted after their demise. Many people would like to live on through the power of social media. 

Social media sites also accommodate people who want to keep their profiles active. It is a preferred choice among many people due to its low cost. Many platforms offer the option to memorialize the account of the deceased person. 

You can memorialize Instagram accounts within a few days. It is simple to go through the memorialization process. The only thing people have to do is choose the right person to manage their account after their demise. After the memorialization process, the assigned person can still upload your pictures and operate your account. The memorialization procedure does not need more than a few days. It also saves the time of visiting a lawyer.

2. Appoint An Executor

Appointing an executor of a Will is preferred among people that own multiple social media profiles. All platforms enforce different rules on their users. It is necessary to understand the terms and conditions of each application before opening an account on it. In such cases, people appoint a digital executor to manage their accounts after their demise. They leave detailed instructions for the management of every profile. The digital executor carries out the instructions. Thus, they ensure to honor the wishes of the deceased person. For example, your executor can memorialize Instagram accounts if that’s your wish.

When Should One Appoint An Executor?

An executor is necessary for people who own multiple online accounts. A digital executor is a person you designate to maintain your privacy and carry out your wishes after your demise. If you own one or two social media accounts, you can even appoint a friend and family member to memorialize or delete them after you pass away. 

Memorializing your account is ideal for people who want to leave their legacy. Unfortunately, several social media platforms do not offer such an option to their users. Day by day, people have started realizing the importance of managing their digital assets. Those things are an essential part of our identity and life. For some people, social media accounts are like their photo albums. These sites are the perfect places for making new friends and staying connected with old ones.

Thus, we must think about our digital assets and their management. We should ensure that our information remains safe even after we pass away. 

Final Thought

This article explained the difference between memorializing your account independently and with the help of an executor of the will. We hope this blog helps you decide what you need to do for your social media accounts i.e. memorialize them or appoint an executor for them.