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Patent Pending Security

Patent-Pending Security You Can Trust.

Clocr’s unique patent-pending security provides additional layers of protection beyond military grade encryption.

Our bots digitally slices the critical information, files, passwords and then distribute the pieces to multiple storage locations.

Is your family prepared?

Does your family have instant access to critical information if something happens to you?
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Emergencies often come unannounced. With everything from medical records to legal documents going digital, it is essential to have all your records and critical information in one place in times of need.

Clocr’s state-of-the-art digital safety vault along with built-in legacy planning helps to secure your essential documents and information.

Our Promise Of Prevention,
Preparedness, & Peace of Mind!

Prepare loved ones to access critical information during emergencies

Your emergency contacts can flip the emergency switch to access critical information with Clocr’s Digital Vault service.

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Prevent your family from breaking digital privacy laws

Safeguard your online accounts from identity thieves and enable your nominees to have legal access to them via Digital Estate Planner.
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Record your life’s stories, and memories to preserve your legacy

Record personal messages, memories, advice, and life stories and schedule them to be delivered in the future with our Time Capsule.

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Always be prepared to take control as a nominee

Regular alerts and notifications, along with a nominee dashboard, help keep you updated on changes in the Digital Estate, or Digital Vault.

We follow a structured and easy-to-use onboarding process to ensure that you don’t miss out any details and information. Regular alerts and notifications to help keep your account always updated.

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We all have a responsibility

Clocr helps you take care of loved ones.

By giving your loved ones access and control of your digital assets, records, medical and emergency details, you are giving them the power of information. In emergencies and death, this will be your gift of eternal protection and peace of mind to them.

Commonly Asked Questions

Anything you own that is in digital format, for example, photos, videos, scanned copies of documents, online accounts etc. In our context of Estate planning, we mostly refer to documents and online accounts

I User Password Managers like Bitwarden or LastPass and they allow me to designate an emergency ?

All your digital accounts and assets form a part of your 'digital estate'. While a simple solution might be to keep a list of your account credentials “in a safe place”, the fact that your loved ones have the information to access the accounts doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the legal authority to do so, especially when a website’s Terms of Service do not permit a transfer of ownership. In fact, heirs could be found guilty of “hacking” by trying to access a loved one’s online accounts after they are gone, even if it was the individual’s dying wish. Clocr ensures that all your accounts follow the Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act (RUFADAA). Clocr follows the RUFADAA guidelines that allow you to create a digital will that is legally-binding to keep your accounts safe now and even after you're gone.

The only similarity is that all the platforms mentioned offer a secure location to store your documents. However, Clocr offers end-to-end digital account/asset management capabilities, beneficiary allocation, legacy planning, a proprietary 'Security' feature. You can use Clocr for both personal and business purposes.

Security is our top priority at Clocr.

  • We use the highest standard in network communications with 256-bit encryption and automatically encrypt your data.
  • We use state-of-the-art cloud providers to ensure round-the-clock on-site security.
  • We provide an option for subscribers to choose our proprietary (patent-pending) "Security" that stores encrypted data shreds in multiple geographically located servers for additional security.
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