Everyone MUST have an Estate Plan for their Digital Assets.

Digital Assets “An electronic record in which an individual has a right or interest, such as online accounts, photos, videos, music, documents, software, artwork, domain names, crypto currency and so on”

We acquire digital assets at an alarming rate.

What happens if you don’t have a PROPER estate plan for your digital assets?

Devastating impact on Family

Your heirs will have to jump through the hoops, spend lotof time and money in gaining legal access to your digital estate

Violation of Privacy Laws

Even if you share your accounts and passwords, your heirs may be violating privacy laws and potentially breaking the law

Living Will is not the right choice

Digital asset portfolios constantly change. It can be tedious, time consuming, and expensive to keep your will up to date.

It just takes few seconds to setup your Estate Plan!
90-day free trial.

Clocr®, A short form for Cloud Locker provides an easy, secure and safe way to create, manage and pass on your digital estate the ‘right’ way!

Blockchain Powered

Blockchain Powered

SMART Estate
Fraud Detection

Ultra Security

Ultra Security


Clocr – Certified by Indusface

Indusface is an award-winning application security leader protecting global customers in 30+ countries with their unique Total Application Security platform that detects, protects, and monitors applications. Indusface has got industry recognition with mention ins Gartner Magic quadrants for Application Security Testing and Web application firewall, been awarded security product company by NASSCOM-DSCI.


  • "CLOCR offers a unique, secure, and easy way for individuals to share, track views, and store vital financial and personal documents easing the pain and suffering experienced in urgent emergency healthcare events, travel events or any unexpected event requiring sensitive documents, often a matter of life and death."

    Fara Gold
    Fara GoldB2B Senior Living
  • "I signed up with Clocr and used the free subscription to set up and store my important papers in the cloud. After going through the easy to follow video tutorials, I was able to set up a secure place to along with access and passwords for important people to help my family if I were to pass on. It was really cool."

    Len Goodman
    Len Goodmana Clocr Family User
  • "Keeping personal private digital information safe and secure is paramount. We are more and more dependent on cloud technology and we have to be extremely careful in choosing where our important personal documents are stored. Clocr takes protecting personal private information very seriously – using innovative authentication and encryption in addition to other security technologies."

    Leo Cole
    Leo ColeLeo J Cole Consulting, LLC
  • "Who will take care of our children when we're gone? As parents, that's the question we're plain scared of answering, let alone preparing for. Too often, the living will exists, but no one knows where it is. Clocr changes all of that, and how! With Clocr, sharing a digitized living will, with family, is easy, fast, and secure. Clocr - a life-safer that will live on, even when we might not be alive."

    Sharath Pallemoni
    Sharath Pallemonia Clocr Family User
  • "The service provided by Clocr is an extremely valuable one, especially for my business. We provide a service to families who are looking for quality senior living for their loved one. Clocr solves a critical problem by providing one place to store all information related to estate planning, such as life insurance policies, annuities, a will, advanced directives, medical power of attorney, financial power of attorney, and beneficiary designations.

    Jerry Watson
    Jerry Watsonwith Assisted Living Locators West Dallas & Mid-Cities
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Efficiently organize, collaborate and share your family’s most important information.
Empower your family and guardians to access your portfolio in case of natural, personal, or medical emergencies.



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