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Why is it important to protect your Intellectual Property?

With the widespread adoption of internet & social media, the lines between original work and copied work tends to fade. Once the content is out in the open, it becomes very difficult to track them down to the source and assert claim over original work.
Having a digital timestamp option for artists to seamlessly register and have proof of ownership before releasing content online can greatly benefit them.

Protecting your IP doesn’t have to cost a leg and arm.

Artists and digital content creators need a way to establish ownership over their creations. Current options of copyrighting may prove to be tedious and are not worth the cost and effort for a lot of creators.
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Timestamping for your creations

Digital Timestamping enables users to secure an additional measure of verification, and publicly establish ownership accountability.

How It Works?

Set up your Clocr account

Answer a few simple questions

Add your creation

Upload different types of digital creations such as idea, music, video, audio, content etc.

Save and Record

Save your details. Optionally, record the transaction on the blockchain

Frequently Asked Questions

Clocr’s Digital Timestamp allows you to upload your creations and generate a tamper-proof digital certificate to establish ownership over your creations.
The purpose of a timestamp is to help you formally assert ownership of your works via a digital certificate. It provides a source for the creations and ideas made by creators to prevent misuse and plagiarism.

A Digital Timestamp allows you to record the exact time and date of your creation and collect them in one place. Features of a digital timestamp include:

1. Provides proof of ownership before releasing your content online
2. Cost-effective and time-saving to create an official certificate of ownership unlike patenting

Creators can upload their creations and collect timestamps before making their creations public.
Anyone who would like to protect their ideas and establish ownership over their creations can use Timestamp.
One of the biggest challenges of creators is to establish proof when they conceived their idea. Clocr’s Digital Timestamp can help the innovators to capture their ideas and the timestamp when they conceived their ideas. This may go a long way when their IP is contested.

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