Make a Time Capsule to Preserve Your Family Memories

Make a Digital Time Capsule

The idea of communicating with future descendants eventually turned into specific messages designed to be open at some specific date, i.e., Time Capsule. The concept of Time Capsule was created by Thornwell Jacobs, inspired by Egyptian tombs. It is a beautiful thing to build a Time Capsule to capture and celebrate memories in the future.

A time Capsule with family preserves things over time and is a way to communicate with future generations. Memories should last a lifetime to pass on to the loved ones. A good time capsule will hold its contents safely, preserving them for a future version of yourself or someone you choose. There are various Time Capsule ideas you can keep secret for your future self or someone you choose.

What Is a Time Capsule?

A time capsule is a collection of items that hold memories of a place or experience at one point. People intentionally put all sorts of items into these capsules, such as photos, newspapers, letters, precious souvenirs, and other memorabilia to be opened by future generations. By building a time capsule, you can keep the secret for your future self or someone you choose.

Digital Time Capsule

A digital time capsule eliminates the need for physical items. Any written document can be uploaded digitally using a scanner, phone, or camera. In the future, parents, grandparents, and children can access the files to see photographs, videos, slide presentations, or written text that shares your thoughts and memories.

Reasons to create a Digital Time Capsule:

  • Keep Memories Alive
  • Better than the traditional way as it stores memories in a digital format
  • Stay connected with Family and Friends
  • Share Your Life Story 
  • Leave A Legacy

Store the Digital Time Capsule on a computer, a flash drive, or via a free online service such as Google Drive. Ensure someone knows about the time capsule files and how to access them.

How to build a time capsule?

Earlier, time capsules were physical capsules that contained news articles, pictures, heirlooms, etc., and were stored in a safe location to be opened in the future by yourself or family members. 

The Steps to building a Time Capsule in the traditional way are:

  1. Choose a duration for the time capsule
  2. Choose a container
  3. Find a location to store your time capsule
  4. Storing the Time Capsule
  5. Decorate the container

The world has changed significantly; storing physical time capsules has become unviable, and time capsules have also become digital. Digital Time Capsules are not complex. For example, you can create audio files with only a computer or smartphone for your family and friends and put them inside a time capsule. These files can be accessed at any time in the future by preserving them as a time capsule.

How to Make a Family Time Capsule?

Parents, grandparents, and children can collect items into their family time capsule. You can create a Family time capsule that your family can open at a reunion in the future to share old memories.

The Steps to creating a Family Time Capsule are:

  • Step 1. Determine an opening date
  • Step 2. Pick a Time Capsule Container
  • Step 4. Pack the container
  • Step 5. Seal the Container
  • Step 6. Set the Date
  • Step 7. Store the Family Time Capsule

Time capsules with audio, video, and image files, have moved forward into the digital age. With Digital Time Capsule, you can leave your legacy in the hands of the people that you love.

Everyone in the family will have their own opinion about what to include in the Time Capsule. For instance, it can be a Family Time Capsule questionnaire. Therefore, a family meeting would be the best way for everyone to express their part equally. Families can even write down some facts about what’s happening at present to include in the time capsule. Create a Family Time Capsule today and fill it with all the moments you wish to hold onto forever.

How do I create a personal time capsule?

store photos, music in your time capsule

If you want to create a time capsule in the traditional manner, it’s crucial to consider the following factors:

  • How long will it be stored?
  • Where will it be stored?

The content you want to store in your time capsule depends only on you. When you prepare the contents for your time capsule, think about future technology. In digital form, you can store photos, music, historical records, or written documents in the time capsule. Some inspirational ideas for creating a personal time capsule:

  • New Year’s resolution digital time capsule
  • Study time capsule
  • Holiday time capsules
  • Social media time capsule

For a personal digital time capsule, a duration of 10 to 30 years is sufficient.

How do you make a memory capsule?

Memory is an integral part of remembrance, and making a Memory Capsule is one way you can remember and embrace your loved one’s life. A Memory Capsule allows you to preserve memories of your most treasured items like photos, newspapers, letters, precious souvenirs, and other memorabilia in one place. 

Digital Time Capsule eliminates the need for physical items. One can make a memory capsule in a digital format. For instance, you can upload your essential photographs digitally using a scanner, phone, or camera and create a time capsule instantly.

What 3 things would you put in a time capsule?

It is ideal to pack your capsule with things that have plenty of meaning and value. Various simple time capsule ideas are fun and nostalgic to put together.

Three Time capsule ideas are as follows are:

  1. Time Capsule ideas for Families

    Making a time capsule with family could be a fun way to create long-lasting memories. Some ideas for families to fill up the Time Capsule are:

  • A Family tree
  • Family photos
  • An artifact from your neighbor
  • A Family Time Capsule questionnaire
  • Pictures of a Family heirloom

  1. Time Capsule ideas for kids

    Make a Time Capsule with your kids to give them the joy of going down memory lane through:

  • A detailed map of the world
  • A trendsetting object from school days
  • A class group picture
  • Pictures or videos of childhood heroes or cartoon characters
  • Growth chart snapshots
  • Achievement Memories
  • Letter to your future self or stranger
  • A beautiful art or science project

  1. Time Capsule Ideas for Couples

    By creating a perfect flashback in time with a Time Capsule, you can cherish the memories of your relationship for eternity. Some ideas for couples to preserve love in a time capsule are:

  • Pictures of you two
  • Love letters to each other
  • The story of your love
  • Your bucket list
  • Wedding cards from friends and family
  • Memories of the first date
  • Valentine’s Day cards or gifts
  • A piece of your wedding attire

Some Digital Time capsule ideas to capture memories and thoughts:

  • Text-based time capsule

    You can create a Text-based time capsule that captures your life story, memories, or thoughts you’d like to pass on. All you will need is a computer or a tablet for a Text-based time capsule.

  • Video messages or Online letters

    Make Video messages or Online letters for future dates. For instance, some people create messages to deliver to adult children at special events such as weddings.

  • Voice recording software

    You can use Voice recording software available on all (smartphones, tablets, and computers) to record your messages via audio.

  • Slideshows

    Create slideshows that capture favorite memories. Add new slides each year for a living time capsule to pass down to future generations.

A Digital Time Capsule allows you to store files and images safely. One can easily share files with loved ones or future generations without hassle. Digital Time Capsule can store your sentimental memories and essential things in a way that doesn’t have to be buried three feet down.


Time Capsule is a beautiful way to memorialize your family and capture what’s truly important to each of you. Technology has made it easier to share yourself and your thoughts with future generations. A Digital Time Capsule is a grouping of files that can be saved online. If you want to make a time capsule, big or small, digital is the best way.

Digital Time Capsule ensures that the memories you cherish are safe as possible. Clocr ensures that your cherished memories are safe and preserved for a long time. Build a Time Capsule with Clocr, pass on your stories and memories, and share your experiences for your loved ones to read in the future. Sign up to Clocr to create your first-digital Time Capsule.