How To Close The Best Buy Account Of A Deceased Person?

How To Close The Best Buy Account Of A Deceased Person

Our life is nothing but a compilation of a few inevitable events. All of us are mere mortals and understand that we have to bid farewell to this world, sooner or later. Yet losing a loved one is always a tough pill to swallow. It is quite obvious that you might have to take care of a few things for your deceased loved ones. Closing a best buy account is one of them.

Best Buy is a well-known consumer electronics retailer which runs its operations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It operates with retail stores as well as online. Best Buy sells various items, including mobile phones, video games, digital cameras, music, home appliances, etc. The company also offers repair services for devices like computers through its brand – Geek Squad.

All of us have a lot of online accounts. A survey states that an individual has at least 100 online accounts. It is a lot of work to handle all these numerous accounts when a person passes away. Hence, it is essential to mention the details of the digital assets that will be there in a person’s digital estate. It is best to delete best buy account of a deceased person. Further, we discuss the simple ways to delete best buy account.

All about Best buy account

Best Buy is one of the most popular consumer electronics retailers in the United States. This multinational retailer became a household name after becoming a one-stop shop for products such as computers, appliances, cell phones, video games, and other gadgets.

Now that you know what Best Buy is, how to delete the account is the question that might arise in your mind. Here is everything you need to know.

How Do I Close My Best Buy Account Online?

There are multiple ways to delete a Best Buy account. You can find the solution suitable for your needs in the following steps. It is best to merge best buy accounts before deleting them.

  • Find the email account linked with Best Buy to delete Best Buy via email.
  • Send an email to (Customer support email) and write “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” as the subject.
  • The email should address the permanent deletion of the account and the removal of personal data from the platform. Include details like contact information and phone number associated with the account.
  • Calling customer support is another method of closing the account. Call Best Buy at 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) and provide verification details such as name, address, email id, and contact information.
  • Another convenient feature that Best Buy provides is Online Chat. Request the agent on the other side to help with the account closing process. Provide basic details such as name, email address, and contact information so they can verify and proceed with the steps.

How do I cancel My Best Buy membership?

You can cancel your Best Buy membership by contacting the customer care service at Best Buy.

How do you delete your Best Buy credit card account?

Are you wondering how do I cancel my Best Buy credit card? Call the number 800-856-1215. Give the details of the deceased person explaining that they are no longer with us. The customer care representative will take you through closing the account. You must keep the death certificate while applying for a Best Buy account closure. 

Points to remember:

  • Before deleting the Best Buy account, ensure no active subscriptions or membership plans exist. Make sure to cancel them before deleting the account to avoid getting charged.
  • Contact Customer Service and request to cancel the membership. Call 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) or cancel a subscription at the Contact Best Buy page.
  • Keep in mind that the cancellation procedure can take time. It often takes weeks to be completed.
  • Best Buy may still send promotional emails after you delete the account. Make sure to unsubscribe from the mailing list to avoid unnecessary clutter.

How long does it take to delete a Best Buy account?

You now know how do I cancel my best buy membership. A question might pop up to you as to how long it takes to delete a Best Buy account. The details are as follows- After you submit your request, best buy customer service will find your information on their records. Upon finding your information, customer service will send instructions to verify the account. This verification process is time-sensitive. You must complete the verification process within 24 hours of receiving the email or 14 days if you receive postal mail. Once they know the deletion process is a confirmed decision, they begin to delete your information and account.

How to Permanently Delete a Best Buy or Reward Zone Account for a Deceased Loved One?

If your best buy account is temporarily locked, you must unlock it before deleting it. The process of deleting a Best Buy member ID or Reward Zone Account for a deceased loved one is quite simple. You need to contact customer care to get these accounts of a deceased loved one permanently deleted. 

You need to permanently delete the Best Buy subscription of a deceased person for the risk of identity fraud as there is a risk to their online identity. Hackers can scam or do fraud on a deceased person’s online account

Option 1 – To delete the best buy account of a deceased loved one, you can contact customer care via the online forum of Best Buy. Just give the name and user ID of the deceased loved one. 

Option 2 – Another option on how do I cancel my best buy membership is to cancel it by calling the customer care number. – 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289). You will need the following data of the deceased loved one while using this medium – Name, address, email Id, and phone number. 

Option 3: The third option via which you can delete a Best Buy account or Best Buy credit card is by emailing customer care. You can email them with your request with the correct details and documents. The customer care department will handle the deletion of the account of the deceased. The email to send the details is – 

Option 4 – Another option to delete the Best buy subscription of a deceased loved one is to chat online with the Best Buy customer service representative. You will need to inform the representatives of the deceased account details and ensure that you are authorized to close the account as per their instructions. 


Now that you know you need to delete a Best Buy account, you might also realize the complications of deleting a deceased person’s account. The major one is not having access to the account holder’s login information. When you have a Digital Estate Plan, you can decide what happens to your Digital Assets following your death or incapacitation.

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