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Organize, protect and pass on your legacy with Family Vault.

Let your family and future generations cherish your life stories, receive future messages, and access your critical information, online accounts and documents when the time comes.

What’s Included In Your Digital Family Vault?


Digital Estate

Organize your online accounts, designate your nominees and provide instructions on who will inherit and own these accounts after you’re gone

Family Vault

Digital Vault

Store important files and share them with people you trust. Protect sensitive information via Digital Family Vault with our patent-pending digital shredding technology.
Family Vault

Time Capsule

Preserve your legacy, stories, and moments that matter and pass them on to your loved ones or future generations.
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Protect & Pass-on your Digital Property with a Digital Estate.

Digital Family Vault—Never lose what’s most important to you.

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Time capsule 1 mob

Time Capsule–Your Legacy. Your Values. Your Stories. YES, they are important and you can pass them on to the next generation.

Beyond bank-grade security

Our family vault’s ultra-security feature that is built on IPFS and Blockchain concepts, provides additional layers of protection that are unique and proprietary.

Your information in our digital family vault is always secure with our patent-pending security system that digitally shreds files and then distributes them to multiple decentralized storage locations.

Family Vault

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Digital Assets have monetary value, like a website with sales or advertising revenue or an online bank account. However, most Digital Assets (photos, for example), have personal or sentimental value.
Clocr’s digital family vault offers an Ultra-Security feature that is built on IPFS and Blockchain concepts, provides additional layers of protection that are unique and proprietary.

Your digital assets have a monetary and sentimental value and are protected by privacy laws. By efficiently organizing all your online accounts in one place, you enable family and loved ones to manage them without violating privacy laws.

Oftentimes, important files and documents get misplaced which can be troublesome for family after passing. Clocr’s Digital Family Vault lets you store all online and offline documents and allows access control with respect to sharing your files with loved ones.

The time capsule allows you to share your stories, memories and thoughts with your loved ones and future self. You can also schedule note and audio/video message delivery to whomever you wish, after you have passed on. Having a digital time capsule ensures that your memories are secured and preserved for a long time.

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Plan & Protect Your Loved Ones From Unexpected Emergencies.

Emergency Planning

Emergencies often come unannounced. Plan comprehensively and be prepared with Emergency Card & In Case of Emergency (ICE) Vault.

Family Vault

Organize, manage and appoint nominees for all your online accounts information, and critical documents such as–legal, medical, & more

Directives & Wills

Create Last Will, Social Media Will and more. Ensure your assets are managed the way you wish after you pass away.

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