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Medical ID
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In case of emergency medical card

Emergency Card

A unique-to-each-user emergency QR code that connects your designated emergency contacts with the person scanning it

  • Enable first responders or good samaritans to have instant access to your emergency contacts
  • Your emergency contact list or their identities will not be exposed
  • Emergency contacts can reside anywhere in the world
  • Update emergency contacts at any time
  • Generate emergency cards for your whole family

ICE Vault ™ 

Enable your emergency contacts to have access to your critical information in times of need.

  • Easily tag critical information to be available in ICE Vault ™ 
  • Enable your emergency contacts to have access to the vault
  • Your ICE Vault™ contents will not be visible to your emergency contacts unless it’s activated
  • Your ICE Vault™ can be accessed instantly via Clocr platform or a mobile app
online vault

Take Control

Safe & Secure


The contents of your ICE Vault are not visible to your emergency contacts unless activated. 

Restricted Access


In case of emergency, only those listed as emergency contacts can open or close the vault.

Peace of mind


Your important and critical documents are securely stored at one place. 

What our customers say

We’re proud to be the category leader in Digital Legacy and Emergency Planning industry on Trustpilot. Don’t take our word for it, check out what our members have to say about us.

Security is

Clocr’s state-of-the-art digital safety vault along—with built-in legacy planning—helps to secure your essential documents and information. 

All your records and critical information in one place and our unique patent-pending security provides additional layers of protection beyond military grade encryption. 

Critical information, files, and passwords are split up, the pieces distributed to multiple storage locations.

No credit card required.


Commonly Asked Questions

During an emergency the first responders or a good Samaritan scans the QR code on the Emergency Card or Emergency Key Tag. That QR code has Clocr emergency helpline IVR number and the unique ID of the user embedded in it. Upon dialing the IVR number, our system connects the caller with one of the available emergency contacts of the user.

We are currently offering this service in the USA only. We do have plans to expand this service to other countries soon. Your emergency contacts can reside within the supported countries.

You can always print a new card.

At Clocr, we take security very seriously. We don’t disclose any emergency contacts of the user. Instead, we automatically place the calls and when someone picksup the phone, we will connect the caller with the emergency contact.

Absolutely yes. Once your unique id is issued, you can change your emergency contacts at will.