How To Leave Behind Your Digital Legacy?

How To Leave Behind Your Digital Legacy

During our lifetime, we are online for so many hours a day, creating digital assets. These digital assets combine to create digital legacy. The digital assets we leave behind after passing away are known as our digital legacy.

The various platforms we use to create this digital legacy are social media, online banking, emails, blogs, and much more. This digital data of ours increases by the day. A question arises as to what happens to these digital data after we pass away. To Store memories forever, all of us should create a digital legacy.

What is Digital Legacy?

So, what is digital legacy? The digital assets that you have accumulated online over your lifetime form up to make up your digital legacy. These digital assets can be present on your computer, tablet, laptop, mobile phone, or internet. Why Leave a Digital Legacy?

Now you have an idea of what is a digital legacy. The next question that may arise in your mind is, why should I leave a digital legacy? Legacy planning is not a critical action to take during your lifetime. It is a serious one. One of the prime reasons why you should leave behind a digital legacy is that your family cannot officially obtain your digital assets if you don’t leave behind a digital estate plan for your digital legacy.

If something were to happen to you without leaving a digital estate plan for your digital assets, there would be no one to safeguard your digital legacy after your death or manage the digital legacy. Ultimately, it will result in all your critical digital assets being unable to be handed over to your loved ones and family members.

You can leave instructions as per your choice in your digital estate plan of your digital legacy. For example – if you want to get your Facebook account to be memorialized or deleted after your death. Another example is you can enlist to hand over which digital asset to whom in your digital estate plan.

What should Include in Digital Legacy?

The digital information about someone following their death refers to someone’s digital legacy. By doing this, you can pass on legacy to your loved ones.

These include –

  • Email accounts
  • Social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Bank accounts
  • Investment accounts
  • Streaming services
  • Cloud storage accounts
  • Customer accounts on shopping sites like Amazon
  • Utility accounts
  • Website domains
  • Blogs
  • Online subscriptions
  • Google Drive

Each of these categories will have many sub-categories. Hence, you will need to make a list of.

Outline Your Digital Desires

Outline your digital desires

Now that we know what does digital legacy means, we will have a look at what to outline for your digital desires.

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Audio files
  • Documents
  • Web pages

You ought to remember that once you pass away, your loved ones will significantly benefit financially and emotionally from your digital legacy. Hence it is essential to plan your digital legacy as a planning step. Your appointed digital executor will dutifully perform the duties. Consequently, your loved ones will not waste time trying to find your important documents’ whereabouts and the passwords of your online accounts once you pass away. You can also store memories forever by creating your digital legacy.

How to Create Digital Legacy with Clocr

Our digital assets have an important role during our lifetimes. It is also important to pass them on after one passes away. Why? So that the deceased can live on in a way after passing away. You can create your digital legacy with the help of Clocr’s Digital Estate Plan.

If you plan your digital legacy timely, you will secure your digital information and have peace of mind that your loved ones will have your essential digital assets post your death. Also, your loved ones can relive moments with you through your digital legacy’s photos, videos, and audio recordings.

You can create your digital legacy with Clocr using the following steps –

  • Listing – The first and foremost thing while planning your digital legacy is to list your digital assets in all forms. Everyone has a varied collection of different types of online accounts. You may also not remember some of them at any given point. So, listing over some time is essential to start creating your digital legacy.
  • What happens to which digital assets – You will have to think about it and name what to do with what digital asset after you pass away. There will be online subscriptions that you would like to cancel and mention in your digital legacy. Examples – Amazon and Netflix. Then social media accounts can be memorialized according to your wish or deleted.
  • Go through the rules and policies of Clocr’s services – Before making your digital legacy platform with Clocr, go through the company’s rules and policies. Familiarizing yourself with the rules and policies is essential to creating your digital legacy with us. You can manage the digital legacy better by knowing the rules and policies.
  • Select your Digital Executor – The next in creating your digital legacy with Clocr is to select who will be your digital executor. The person you appoint responsible for managing your digital legacy after your passing away is your digital executor. Choose a person you trust to perform this duty, as this is a job with responsibilities. A digital executor can be your lawyer, estate plan executor, family member, or friend.
  • Legalization of your Digital legacy – After your list is ready and you know who will be your digital executor, you need to legalize your digital legacy. Doing so will secure the digital legacy, and you can pass on digital legacy too. Preferably don’t include it in your will; if the will becomes public, all of your online information will also become public.
  • Store the Digital Legacy properly – Properly storing your digital legacy is one of the keys to sharing them when it comes. Clocr provides a Time Capsule service where you can store your digital assets securely. You can then pass on digital legacy after death.

How Social Media Will helps you with creating your Digital Legacy?

We are not the only ones to create one digital legacy. We can also create digital content on other people’s social media pages or walls. Also, when other people post about you on their walls, digital content becomes part of our digital legacy. You should remember that if someone asks you a question – How do you create a digital legacy? The answer is you. You are responsible for making plans for your online accounts and thus creating your digital assets. We post so many things on our social media posts almost daily. You must create your digital legacy, social media, and last will. This social media you create will clearly outline what will happen to your social media accounts and other digital assets once you pass away. 


If you ask yourself, how do I protect my digital legacy, the answer is simple. You can use Clocr’s Time Capsule service to store and share your recorded messages with your loved ones when you are gone. You can also store your vital documents, photos, and videos in our digital vault.

You can also keep recorded messages to your friends and family in the Time Capsule service offered by Clocr. Creating one’s digital legacy might take time, but it ensures that the right person receives your digital assets after your passing. Legacy planning is essential to one and all, and helps you conduct it efficiently.