I lost three friends in the last 12 months

There was one thing in common: 

Each of their families faced the daunting task of piecing together critical information scattered across multiple phones, devices, cloud storage accounts, and even old shoe boxes.“

Sree Chintala

(Founder of Clocr.com)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Clocr is an emergency and legacy planning platform unlike cloud storage solutions. The only thing that’s common is the cloud storage part. Common cloud storage platforms focus primarily on file storage and sharing, Clocr provides features for digital estate planning, including creating digital wills, designating digital heirs, and safeguarding your legacy. It also offers an emergency vault for storing critical information and secure access control. Clocr is designed to help you pass on your digital assets, and can be inherited by your loved ones when the time comes.
Digital legacy planning is crucial in the modern age because it ensures that your online presence and digital assets are managed according to your wishes after your passing. As our lives become increasingly intertwined with technology and the internet, valuable assets like personal photos, financial records, and social media accounts are often left unattended without a clear plan. Failing to address this can lead to difficulties for loved ones and potential loss of important memories and assets, emphasizing the importance of proactively managing one’s digital legacy.n>
Clocr offers a variety of features to help you with planning your digital legacy & assist you with emergency planning. This includes:
  • Emergency Vault: Ensure your family, friends or your business partners can access critical information during emergencies.
  • Digital Estate: Secure and manage your online life, including accounts, files, and memories, ensuring they’re protected and can be passed on to loved ones
  • Time Capsule: Preserve and schedule your life stories, memories and messages for your family or business partners. .
  • Directives & Wills: Plan your future and ensure your wishes are followed by creating digital directives and wills for your online presence and assets
  • Emergency Cards: Tag & keep vital information at your fingertips for emergencies
  • Lost & Found Stickers: Use these stickers to label your valuable items, for swift recovery
  • I am lost stickers for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients : These Tags help identify and provide contact information for individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia, ensuring their safe return if they wander

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Why Clocr?



Standard Cloud Platform

Emergency Vault

Confidential Information Shelter Ensure your family, friends or your business partners can access critical information during emergencies

Time Capsule

Create & schedule video/audio family love letters. Let your family and friends remember you in the most loving way.

Digital estate

Organize and manage all online accounts, assign nominees who can take possession of your online accounts.

Social Media Will

Let your loved ones know your wishes regarding your social media accounts. Appoint a Digital Executor who can execute your wishes for your social media and online accounts.

Last Will

Outline your wishes with ease and safely communicate them to loved ones.


Sidestep probate proceedings and facilitate the smooth transfer of your assets to your chosen beneficiaries. Self service and attorney assisted options available.

Digital Vault

Encrypted Cloud Storage

Multi Storage Security

Patent-Pending Security & SOC II – Type 1 Certified

Multi Storage Security

Encrypted Cloud Storage

Beneficiary Access

Portal access to beneficiaries, executors and emergency contacts

Specialized Customer Support

Onboarding Assistance

(Only General Support)

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