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We help you plan for your digital afterlife.

What happens to your digital legacy after death? Can families legally access your online assets even if they have access to passwords?

Is a typical estate plan complete if digital assets like internet accounts, social media accounts, cryptocurrency, and NFT aren’t included?

We help you pass on your digital asset portfolio to your designated nominees.

Sharing passwords may be violation of privacy laws

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RUFADAA Compliant

Designated beneficiaries can access your accounts without worrying about breaking privacy laws.

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Safe Inheritance Plan

Securely pass on your digital assets to heirs according to RUFADAA(USA) and ULCC (Canada) guidelines

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Estate Planning is the process of organizing your Digital Assets (social media, online subscriptions, payment and other online accounts) and making arrangements for what should happen to your digital assets after death.
While the law is slowly moving to define the legal standing of a Digital Executor, we need to inventory our digital assets for a smooth transition or risk losing these assets forever. For more information about legacy planning for your Digital Assets, get in touch with your estate planning lawyers.

At least 48 states and the US Virgin Islands have enacted laws addressing access to online accounts like social media sites, microblogging, other website accounts and other electronically stored assets upon an individual’s incapacity or demise for digital assets estate planning. Of the 49 states, 46 of them have adopted either Uniform Law Commission’s (ULC) Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act (UFADAA) or Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act (RUFADAA).

In an increasingly digitized landscape, creating a list of your Digital Assets, along with designating the people you trust to manage them should you die (Executor of Estate) or become incapacitated, ensures that they will not be lost, forgotten or tampered with.

Some Digital Assets have monetary value, like a website with sales or advertising revenue or an online bank account. However, most Digital Assets (photos, for example), have personal or sentimental value that is necessary for building family legacy.

What’s Included In Your Family Vault?

Digital Estate

Your online accounts taken care of after you're gone.

Time Capsule

Preserve, protect, share. Messages for the future.

Digital Vault

Secure your documents, choose who can access them.

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Plan & Protect Your Loved Ones From Unexpected Emergencies.

Emergency Planning

Emergencies often come unannounced. Plan comprehensively and be prepared with Emergency Card & In Case of Emergency (ICE) Vault.

Family Vault

Organize, manage and appoint nominees for all your online accounts information, and critical documents such as–legal, medical, & more

Directives & Wills

Create Last Will, Social Media Will and more. Ensure your assets are managed the way you wish after you pass away.

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