Leaving Behind A Long-Lasting Digital Legacy

Leaving behind a long-lasting Digital Legacy

With the advent of digitalization, we all own a digital life beyond our everyday lives. Perhaps, it is like two facets of the same coin. And our digital lives align with our personal, professional, and social needs. So, consciously or unconsciously, we all create a digital footprint.

These footprints together define the definitive path followed. So, a digital legacy reflects one’s real life that revolves around a trove of memories, stories, and experiences. These moments are precious; if you wish to pass them on to your loved ones, safeguard them. Hence, it’s imperative to understand how to plan your digital legacy if you desire to create an online legacy.

What is a Digital Legacy?

We know the importance of creating a digital legacy. But what is digital legacy? The digital assets or information of a person available online and generated over time, associated with the person’s identity, add up to their digital legacy. The digital assets are present on your computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, or the internet.

Why Leave a Digital Legacy?

Research proves that more than half of the world population – 59% uses social media. Reportedly, the amount of time a person spends on social media in a day – is 2 hours and 25 minutes. So, it’s imperative to create a digital legacy for the following reasons:

  1. Inaccessible digital assets

    Given the confidentiality of data, different websites and platforms have stringent privacy policies. Hence, your family can’t access your digital assets in case of your death. Moreover, it’s better late than never. So, a digital legacy is – like a clear roadmap – for your family that guides them in the face of uncertainty.
  2. To safeguard your digital assets

    In recent times, hacking and incidents of misuse of personal identity have increased amongst other cyber crimes. Hence, it would be best if you created a digital estate plan to safeguard our digital assets, even in your absence.
  3. To create a clear plan

    If you are specific about what should happen to your digital assets when you aren’t around, then it is better to plan your digital legacy. For example, whether you wish your Facebook account to be memorialized or deleted after your death. Further, it is crucial to specify your wish and the specific actions to be taken.
  4. Inherit digital assets

    Another significant reason for creating a digital legacy is when you wish to inherit your digital assets. Also, this act helps to clear up possible misunderstandings in the future. Furthermore, create a digital legacy while specifying the beneficiaries for your digital assets. This step is crucial to safeguard digital assets like cryptocurrency or bank and investment accounts.

What do I need to include in digital legacy?

Now that you know the importance of creating your digital legacy before you plan your digital legacy let’s understand what comes under its umbrella. The term digital legacy is a broad term that comprises the following:

  •  Email accounts
  • Social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, amongst others.
  • Ecommerce website accounts like Amazon and Flipkart
  • Bank accounts
  •  Investment accounts
  •  Cloud Storage accounts
  •  Streaming services
  •  Online Subscriptions
  •  Google Drive includes your photos, videos, and files
  • Utility accounts
  •  Website Domains
  •  Blogs
  • Gaming profiles and online Conversations
  •  Cryptocurrency

Here, each category further contains sub-categories within them:

Category Data
Email Accounts Login data(username and password), emails, addresses
Social Media Accounts Login data, profile information, chat history, posts
Online Accounts Login data, credit, message history, transaction history, pending orders, canceled orders
SaaS (Cloud services) Login data, contact details, transfer regulations, termination provisions

How to create digital legacy with clocr

Creating a digital legacy is like leaving your digital footprint in a way you wish to be remembered. Moreover, if you desire to relive your memories with your loved ones during your lifetime, a digital legacy takes you through your journey. Protecting your digital assets makes your family and loved ones financially and emotionally secure. Now, it is easier to make your digital legacy with Clocr’s Digital Estate Plan.

While we create our digital presence with various digital accounts on countless platforms, the most enduring task is integrating and memorizing them. Managing your digital legacy is the crux of creating a plan for your digital assets.

You can create your digital legacy at Clocr with the following simple steps:

  1. Create a list

    The first step in creating a digital legacy is enlisting your digital assets. Create a complete list of all your digital accounts that you withhold. Though this is the fundamental step, it demands a certain amount of time. And ensure you don’t miss out on any crucial information.
  2. Plan the actions for your digital assets

    While we all have a clear picture in our minds beforehand, it’s essential to record them. Be specific and write what your intentions are and what should happen. Do you wish to close your streaming services and subscription accounts on Netflix and Amazon when you are no more, or do you intend to pass it on to someone? Do you wish to memorialize your social media accounts or close them?

    What happens to your investment and bank accounts when you are not around? Another scenario is that if you own a Youtube Channel, what happens to the consistent revenue earned through advertising? Therefore, a concise list of the actions guides your loved ones and makes it easier for them to access your digital assets.

  1. Analyze the rules and policies of Clocr’s services

    Before you choose and move forward with Clocr’s services, go through the rules and policies at Clocr. Getting acquainted with the terms and conditions before opting for them helps to understand the services and avoid any hassles in the future.
  2. Choose your Digital Executor

    Once you have created your digital legacy, the next step is to choose a digital executor. Who is a digital executor? A digital executor is one whom you choose to implement your digital estate plan after your death.

    Moreover, trust is of utmost importance when choosing an executor. Since you entrust a serious responsibility and the data is confidential, you must choose the right person. A digital executor can be your lawyer, estate plan executor, or even your family or friend. Also, a digital executor is different from your will executor.

  1. Legalize your Digital Legacy

    The next step while securing your digital assets is to legalize your digital legacy. If you legalize your digital legacy, it is easier to pass on the digital assets to your loved ones. Now, the question is how to legalize it. The answer is simple – create a digital will.

    Your digital will should be different from your last will, as a digital will may contain usernames, passwords, and other confidential data. So, when your will is made public, you risk disclosing your confidential data. Hence, a separate will is a secure option to opt for to avoid privacy problems in the future.

  1.   Secure your Digital Legacy

    The last and most significant step in creating a digital legacy is storing digital assets securely. Moreover, an advantage of securing your digital assets is to retrieve them efficiently later. Also, this saves time and effort and makes the process a worthy experience for your loved ones.

    Clocr provides a Time Capsule service where you can store your memories, tales, and thoughts safely and securely. And the photos, videos, or audio messages are shared with your loved ones whenever you wish them to be shared.


Digital Legacy is a small digital impression of your life left on the enormous digital world and the lives of your loved ones. Perhaps, securing your digital assets is often the most overlooked aspect of the will. If you desire to eternize your online legacy, then be prudent and create a detailed plan of what is a part of your legacy. Besides, if you are specific about inheriting your digital assets, then legalizing and securing them is essential.

We at Clocr provide services for creating and securing your digital legacy. With the time capsule, you can capture your cherished moments, write unsaid apologies and share them with your loved ones, or create memorabilia. A time capsule helps to convey your inherent thoughts and comfort your loved ones. Furthermore, a digital vault is a perfect option if you wish to safeguard your crucial documents and information together in one place. Join Clocr today!