SECURE Cloud Vault

Your files are stored in our state-of-the-art ultra-secure Digital Vault built on a unique, proprietary platform—ensuring tight security and regulatory compliance.

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Digital Vault

CLOCR is a pioneer in the field of digital vault development. Designed with security in mind, we digitally shred the files, encrypt fragments, and spread them across different cloud locations. You’ll be able to easily and securely organize and share your files, as well as

  • Integrate online eStatements (coming soon)
  • Empower designees to have instant access in case of emergencies or death
  • Easily keep track of shared documents
  • ‘Lock’ your files until death or incapacity
  • Remove assignees or their access to your files in a single click.

You’ll enjoy advanced filtering and sorting capabilities, have access to extensive reporting and auditing capabilities, and have a 360-degree view of your accounts and beneficiaries.

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What our customers say

We are proud to be blazing the trail in the Digital Legacy Planning industry.

Commonly Asked Questions

Clocr’s Digital Vault is an enterprise grade, ultra-secure digital safety deposit box for your most important and sensitive documents. It works just like a regular safety deposit box.

An average person values over $50,000 in digital assets. Your Digital Assets also include items with sentimental values like videos and photographs. A Digital Vault helps you safely and efficiently organize, store, manage and keep track of all of them. You can also share these items with your loved ones.

You can use Clocr Vault to organize, store and manage all your online accounts and assets, including your social media accounts, email accounts, finances, shopping, cloud storage, cryptocurrency, etc.

Security is our top priority at Clocr.

  • We use the highest standard in network communications with 256-bit encryption and automatically encrypt your data.
  • We use state-of-the-art cloud providers to ensure round-the-clock on-site security.
  • We provide an option for subscribers to choose our proprietary (patent-pending) “shard security” that stores encrypted data shreds in multiple geographically located servers for additional security.

The only similarity is that all the platforms mentioned, offer a secure location to store your documents. However, Clocr offers end-to-end digital account/asset management capabilities, beneficiary allocation, legacy planning, a proprietary ‘Shard Security’ feature. You can use Clocr for personal and business purposes.