Wall Street Journal Talks About Clocr’s Solution!


A recent article published in the Wall Street Journal recognizes the growing need for storing and passing on digital assets on a safe server online. By sharing insights from industry experts and responding to user concerns, the article says:  Many people might be reluctant to store this information online. But bank-level security, as well as […]

5 Reasons Why You Need To Identify And Organize Your Digital Assets

Organizing Digital Assets

Every action that used to involve an offline action is being digitized. Whether it is making online wills, connecting with people, making time capsules, getting an education, or even currency. Unlike a few decades ago, it probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that we’re more dependent on the internet than ever before, suggesting that […]

A Guide to Understanding Wills

Understanding Wills

If you were to pass on tomorrow, do you know what happens to those dependent on you? To all the assets you have procured throughout your life? Covid-19 has made many contemplate their lives and the need to plan for the well-being of their loved ones. What might help is a will – to leave […]

Times of India Introduces India to Clocr


In a recent news article published by Times of India, Apoorva Chintala, CEO and Co-Founder of Clocr, shared her cultural experiences in India, opinions on the entrepreneurial spirit of Indian Americans in Austin and her experience of working closely with her father to run a startup while still at college: He is always my dad, […]

Legacy Planning and Why You Need A Financial Advisor

Why You Need A Financial Advisor To Create Your Legacy Plan

Legacy or Estate planning is an essential step to anyone’s life plan. It allows you to take control of what happens to all your assets, including digital ones, in case of death or incapacitation. It lets you continue being a part of your family’s future by planning ahead for them.  By preparing a will or […]

Featured On UT News Editor’s Pick!

Apoorva Chintata: UT News Feature

Apoorva Chintala, CEO and Co-Founder of Clocr, has been featured on UT News for “making waves within the entrepreneurial scene at UT.” 🎉 This Editor’s Pick traces Apoorva’s inspiration, the process, the milestones and the experience of bringing Clocr to life. As an early entrepreneur, she has had multiple revelations in her journey, including how […]

7 Steps To Protecting Your Company’s Digital Assets

Protecting Company Digital Assets

A successful business would own multiple tangible physical company assets – vehicles, buildings, supplies, equipment. And it’s quite rare for organizations to forget protecting these assets through various security protocols, including proper lease contracts, subcontracting agreements, obtaining and securing umbrella insurances, etc. But what about your intangible digital assets? Your company’s digital assets are probably […]

Clocr at TechCrunch’s Early Stage Pitch-Off!

TechCrunch Early Stage Pitch-Off

Clocr is extremely excited to be a part of TechCrunch’s Early Stage bootcamp and pitch-off alongside 10 very worthy early-stage startups from different countries! 🎉 On April 1st, Clocr’s off to discuss and gain insights with industry experts, and on April 2nd to take part in the first Pitch-off.  TechCrunch’s Early Stage is a virtual […]

Clocr Selected for Blackstone LaunchPad Spring Fellowship!

Clocr Selected for LaunchPad Spring Fellowship

Clocr is delighted to be among the top 50 student-led startups, in a pool of over 125 nominations from 30 Universities in the U.S and Ireland, which have been chosen for Blackstone LaunchPad’s Spring Fellowship! 🎉  The Fellowship recognizes the real potential of technology to solve key issues in these trying times. And so, the […]

6 Easy Steps To Create Your Digital Will

Creating a digital will

Creating a will for your online accounts not only helps you leave instructions on what happens to your online accounts, but also protects your loved ones from long and expensive hours in court during the toughest time of their life. Thankfully, creating a digital will makes it relatively easier for your loved ones to carry […]