5 Reasons Why You Should Create Advance Directives

Why You Should Create Advance Directives

We plan our education, career, and finances for a successful life. But what about our health? Health is the most crucial aspect of our lives and, ironically, the most neglected one. People assume their loved ones will know about their healthcare preferences when any health emergency will occur. An Advance healthcare directive helps to set […]

How To Delete The Airbnb Account Of A Deceased Person?

Delete airbnb account

Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects people who want to rent out their homes with people searching for accommodation in an area and location of their choice. Known for having a vast customer base, AirBnB is preferred by customers worldwide. We all must have used Airbnb at some stage of our lives. In some […]

What Is The Difference Between A Living Will And A Power Of Attorney?

Understanding Diffrence between living will and power of attorney

For many of us, Estate Planning is the ‘elephant in the room’ – an obvious but a debatable topic that needs addressing. Estate planning is essential if you wish to secure the future of your loved ones. Reportedly, 77% of Americans believe estate planning is essential for everyone. However, it is a broad subject, and […]

The Basics of End of Life Planning

Why is end of life planning important

“The goal is not to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.” We all experience the feelings and apprehensions associated with death. Hence, end of life planning is essential as it helps to organize and inherit your assets in a less challenging way. So, What Is End-Of-Life Planning? It involves forging an […]

17 Wonderful Songs About Growing Up And Getting Older

songs about sons growing up too fast

It’s hard to believe that the Beatles’ “Yesterday” was released 50 years ago. It’s even harder to believe that most of us are older than Paul McCartney was when he wrote it. It’s one of the most popular songs about getting older and being nostalgic for youth. Growing up is a universal experience that could […]

10 Popular Poems About Death

Poems About Death To Help You Grieve

Since the dawn, countless beings have been born, lived, died, and placed to rest in graves and tombs. This inevitable aspect of the human condition has inspired the works of many famous poets who have pondered and written poems about life and death. The famous poems about the afterlife by poets like Mary Elizabeth Frye, […]

Leaving Behind A Long-Lasting Digital Legacy

Leaving behind a long-lasting Digital Legacy

With the advent of digitalization, we all own a digital life beyond our everyday lives. Perhaps, it is like two facets of the same coin. And our digital lives align with our personal, professional, and social needs. So, consciously or unconsciously, we all create a digital footprint. These footprints together define the definitive path followed. […]

22 Wonderful Songs About Family, Togetherness, And Love

Wonderful Songs About Family

Family is a word that conjures up all kinds of images: holidays at the beach, picnics in the park, and dancing under the stars. Whether families grow apart or it’s hard to stay in contact, they always occupy our thoughts. The love between family members has always been a subject of creative art, songs, and […]

8 Sad Poems About Losing A Friend

Sad Poems About Losing A Friend

You realize that life is uncertain when someone dear to you passes away. It might be challenging to go on when a friend dies and everything feels miserable. Struggling with emotions throughout time would be challenging. It is normal to feel unfortunate after losing a friend, but you are not alone. Many have lost their […]

17 Great Songs About Not Giving Up And Staying Strong

Songs About Not Giving Up

Why do we listen to music? It may be because music has the power to help us unwind. Music can help us feel better by helping us release stress and anger. A good survival song can help us through tough times. With everything going on in your life, it can seem like all hope is […]