USA Today features Clocr in an exclusive feature on Digital Vaults


USA Today published a feature article titled, “Digital vaults let you store end-of-life documents and help your loved ones find them” on July 10, 2021. The article highlights the importance of legacy planning and how in this digital age, we must think of it beyond just legal and medical documents. There is an evident lack […]

IndiaWest features Apoorva Chintala, Co-Founder, Clocr


The article discusses Clocr’s successful crowdfunding campaign, and the stellar response from interested investors and relevance of the solution that Clocr offers. Apoorva also shares some candid insights on her working relationship with Sree Chintala, her father and Co-Founder of Clocr. Read the full report here.

BusinessWorld: How Fintech Advancements Are Shaping Digital Legacy Planning In India


Sree Chintala, Co-Founder, Clocr writes a column about the importance of digital legacy planning in India’s leading business feature magazine. “The COVID-19 pandemic has been a true wake-up call for many of us to face the hard reality of our mortality and do something about our digital assets. Security of these assets also becomes a […]

Deccan Herald, India’s leading daily reports on Clocr’s seed funding


On June 21, 2021, one of India’s leading dailies, Deccan Herald reported on Clocr’s $500,000 seed funding. The article briefly covered Clocr’s offerings. Coverage in leading dailies in India helps us expand the reach of our brand and overall visibility. Read the full report here.

Will vs. Trust: Everything You Need to Know

Wills vs. Trusts: Everything You Need to Know

Almost everyone has heard of these estate planning tools: will and trust. Both of them are used to pass on assets to your beneficiaries. While it might seem like a will would be better for you, at other times you might prefer to create a trust… or maybe both? But before we get to that, […]

Clocr Made it to TiE’s Global Pitch Competition Finals!

Clocr at TiE University Global Pitch Competition

TiE University Global Pitch Competition started in January 2021; going virtual this year! Clocr was one of the top 8 finalists selected amongst 526 teams participating from more than 40 cities, spanning across 7 countries, from over 200 colleges and universities!  This 5-month event comprised mentoring from industry experts, workshops, boot-camps and so much more!  […]

Can You Include Online Passwords in Your Will?

Should You add online passwords to your will?

In an increasingly digitized world, your assets are also increasingly digitized: social media accounts, banking accounts, currency, subscriptions, blogs and vlogs, online photo storage, etc. And this means you need to start considering adding them to your will.  But, creating a will for your online accounts is just not enough. For your wishes to be […]

How to Manage Digital Assets in The UK?

Digital estate planning for digital assets in the UK

With each passing day, more and more information about our lives enters the digital world. And we take as many steps as possible to protect these digital assets and accounts, either for their emotional or monetary value.  But what happens to them after we pass on? Unfortunately, not many people are aware of, or are […]

Estate Planning for Your Digital Assets in Canada

Creating estate plan for digital assets in Canada

Maureen Henry, a mother who lost her son in Ottawa, was granted complete access to her son’s social media accounts, where she thought she could find the answers to her son’s death. But this was a result of a two year battle in court. And there are many more such stories.   Yet, very few people […]

How to Pass On Values and Memories Through Your Will?

Passing On Family Values

Wealth and family valuables hold a major portion of most people’s estate planning process. The testator, usually, plans their legacy around passing on their tangible and digital assets after their death to still be a part of their loved ones’ lives. In this process, however, people forget something more important; they forget to pass on […]