How Do You Create An Emergency Preparedness Plan?

Emergency preparedness planning

Life comes with highs and lows. So, it is better to “Expect the Unexpected.” Reportedly, Over 6 million car accidents occur in the USA annually due to the increasing number of vehicles. Furthermore, the US is a country with diverse climatic changes. The country experienced 97 disasters in 2021. Hence, an emergency preparedness plan guides […]

7 Estate Planning Consideration In 2023

Signing estate planning documents

When Aretha Franklin died intestate in 2018 – without a will – she joined the long list of the likes of Picasso and Abraham Lincoln who didn’t own a will. Thus, their estate became ground for a fierce battle amongst the claimants for years. Though you might or might not own a million-dollar estate, estate […]

4 Tips For Estate Planning For Families With Children

Estate planning tips for young parents

As a parent, there isn’t anything that you wouldn’t do to safeguard your treasured children. From choosing their first toy to their college, you plan out everything. But have you ever considered Estate planning to ensure your child receives proper care even if you are not around anymore? Surprisingly, only 33% of Americans have an […]

What Is An Advance Healthcare Directive?

Advance Healthcare Directives Documents

Usually, your doctor discusses healthcare options with you and chooses whatever is best for you. But what if you’re too ill to make your own decisions? What if the only means of survival is to avail of life support equipment? Whom would you trust to decide on your behalf? Is this person rational enough to […]

3 Ways To Pass On Your Values And Memories Via Digital Legacy

Pass on Your Values and Memories Via Digital Legacy

Life expectancy rates continue to rise with medical advancements. But even after all this progress, more and more people are thinking about their mortality and what will happen to their digital legacy after death. A Digital legacy includes “the digital property, information, and data an individual acquires during their lifetime.” This can include everything you […]

How Long Should I Keep Legal Documents After A Death?

Keep Legal Documents Safely

Dealing with the sudden loss of your loved one is gripping and takes time to heal. While you brace yourself for the loss and settle emotionally, multiple challenges might surface. If you are a beneficiary or an executor, retaining legal documents after death is essential for the future. While you must retain a few documents […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Create Advance Directives

Why You Should Create Advance Directives

We plan our education, career, and finances for a successful life. But what about our health? Health is the most crucial aspect of our lives and, ironically, the most neglected one. People assume their loved ones will know about their healthcare preferences when any health emergency will occur. An Advance healthcare directive helps to set […]

How To Delete The Airbnb Account Of A Deceased Person?

Delete airbnb account

Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects people who want to rent out their homes with people searching for accommodation in an area and location of their choice. Known for having a vast customer base, AirBnB is preferred by customers worldwide. We all must have used Airbnb at some stage of our lives. In some […]

What Is The Difference Between A Living Will And A Power Of Attorney?

Understanding Diffrence between living will and power of attorney

For many of us, Estate Planning is the ‘elephant in the room’ – an obvious but a debatable topic that needs addressing. Estate planning is essential if you wish to secure the future of your loved ones. Reportedly, 77% of Americans believe estate planning is essential for everyone. However, it is a broad subject, and […]

The Basics of End of Life Planning

Why is end of life planning important

“The goal is not to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.” We all experience the feelings and apprehensions associated with death. Hence, end of life planning is essential as it helps to organize and inherit your assets in a less challenging way. So, What Is End-Of-Life Planning? It involves forging an […]