When Should You Start Estate Planning?

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Have you ever thought about if and when you would start Estate Planning? Creating an Estate Plan is more important than you might think it is. Apart from letting you pass on your assets and take care of your loved ones after your death, a carefully thought-out Estate Plan can help you plan to take […]

12 Things That Could Happen if You Don’t Have an Estate Plan

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Without an Estate Plan, you have no control over what happens to your loved ones and your assets during emergencies or if you were to pass away. Moreover, your family will have to spend time, money, and effort to gain legal access to what is rightfully theirs. To understand more clearly what happens if you […]

4 Steps to Create an Emergency Preparedness Plan

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September is observed as the National Emergency Preparedness Month (NPM) to encourage families and communities to be prepared for disasters that may strike unannounced. Disasters can strike any time, be it hurricanes and floods, forest fires, or volcanoes. Hence, people need to be aware and engaged in creating an emergency preparedness plan. COVID-19 has taught […]

How To Leave Your Digital Legacy?

Leaving Diital Legacy

What does it mean when you say ‘Leave a Legacy’? For us, it is leaving behind a part of ourselves for the world to remember us by. It can be your memories, your values, or your treasures. Similarly, leaving a Digital Legacy means leaving behind your Digital Memories, Digital information, and Digital Assets for your […]

5 Brilliant Ways to Ensure your Loved Ones’ Peace of Mind

5 ways to ensure your loved ones' peace of mind

Each year, the International Day of Peace – also known as World Peace Day – is observed on 21st of September. International Day of Peace is all about celebrating the global solidarity for building a peaceful and sustainable world.  But what about our loved one’s peace of mind? You might know how hard it is […]

5 Things To Remember While Planning Your Digital Legacy

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Digital Legacy consists of every Digital Information you have, no matter if it’s on your device or stored in an online cloud service. We create new Digital Data every day. This Digital Data might be in the form of photos, documents, messages, posts, and tweets. Creating a Digital Legacy Plan ensures security to your Digital […]

Commonly asked Digital Estate Planning Questions

Commonly asked Digital Estate Planning Questions

Do you have a Digital Estate Plan? Or, are you in the process of making one? You might have a few questions on Digital Estate Planning. Here are some commonly asked Questions and Answers on Digital Estate Planning. Is a list of passwords enough to create a Digital Estate Plan? Leaving a list of usernames […]

5 steps to create a Digital Estate Plan for your Digital Assets

Digital Estate Plan in 5 steps

Learn how to create a Digital Estate Plan for your Digital Assets in 5 simple steps You might be in the process of making an Estate Plan that includes how your loved ones will inherit your property, family heirlooms, a worthy painting or jewelry and any other prized possessions after your passing. These form a […]

24 Reasons Why Estate Planning is Important

Why is Estate Planning Important

Estate Planning is the process of creating a plan for you, your family, and your assets in case of emergencies. An Estate Plan is a collection of multiple documents, like Wills and Powers-of-Attorney, that help you plan for the same. A common Estate Planning misconception is that it is only for the rich and the […]

Executor of an Estate: Everything You Need to Know

Executor of an Estate: Everything You Need to Know

Estate Planning has always played a crucial role in how we plan our lives and help our loved ones deal with emergencies. This is especially true today with the pandemic. Now, it is not sufficient to create an Estate Plan—you need an Estate Plan you know will be executed perfectly. So, how can you make […]