Ways To Memorialise Your Online Account

Memorialise Your Online Account, Facebook App

Most of us have more than one digital account. These accounts include our profiles on different social media platforms. We switch between these social media apps constantly according to our requirements. Over time, we create multiple online profiles but we tend to forget about them after a few years. However, we must think about our digital assets seriously. Our digital assets are an essential part of our identity. Thus, it is necessary to safeguard them, and here is how you can secure them.

Keep A Facebook Legacy Contact

Most people have a Facebook account, irrespective of their activity status. People often keep their Facebook apps active to stay connected with their loved ones. Nowadays, it even allows them to network with different people and grows their businesses. 

Facebook has become an essential social media network for most people, due to which it is crucial to protect it. Facebook users should designate a legacy contact to preserve their memories. A legacy contact allows you to appoint one person to memorialize your Facebook account after your demise. Other social media sites have also started introducing this rule. However, only a select few platforms implement the option to memorialize an account. If you don’t want your Facebook account to exist, you can choose to delete it after your demise. 

Use The Google Inactive Account Manager

Most people use Google as their primary search engine that contains their email addresses and sensitive information. Google is among the first accounts you should think of when discussing digital legacy. It is because Google has a lot of our information. The Google inactive account manager allows you to select a user to control your profile after your passing. 

Some social media accounts do not provide the option to set a period of inactivity. They delete the profile automatically after some months of inactivity. Unfortunately, most people remain unaware of it and lose crucial memories.

Backup Your Files

Several people forget a significant step of managing data – file backup. Without a backup schedule, you risk losing crucial information and files about your life. It is not a direct step that ensures memorializing your accounts. However, it is a much-needed step in the memorialization process. Your loved ones can not access information unless you have a backup schedule. You can also store the data in an external hard drive to make the process easy. This hard drive is also an excellent tool for collecting passwords and well-protected codes. 

Get A Password Manager

Lack of access to passwords is among the top reasons people abandon their online accounts. Most people do not keep a password manager. They fear the misuse of personal information. However, having a password manager in your google account is necessary for someone with several online profiles. It is hard to keep track of our passwords and their updates with a manager.

A password manager is a digital tool that organizes and updates them systematically. It enables you to store all your information in one place. Many of these managers allow you to add another contact for an emergency. This emergency contact can access your password manager after you pass away.

Get A Social Media Will

Social Media Will allows you to decide what happens with your social media accounts and who gets to access them. It is necessary to include the names of all accounts that you want to have memorialized after your demise. 

These are some crucial steps for memorializing any online account. Every site and application has different terms and conditions for its profiles. However, a few key steps are common across all platforms. People must understand the memorialization process for most-used platforms like Google and the Facebook app

This way, you can understand the outline of the process for other platforms. Hopefully, this guide will help you set up a memorialization plan for your social media will today with clocr.