Social Media Will: Importance of Protecting Your Digital Afterlife

Importance of Protecting Your Digital Afterlife

Our lives revolve around the internet in this era. From posting reels on Instagram to posting statuses on Facebook, we spend much time surfing the web. Hence, making plans regarding the future of your digital assets is crucial. Nowadays, we do everything online- from working to shopping. Our digital footprint is everlasting. Even when we are not around, we leave behind our digital legacy. But what happens to this information when we are not around anymore? Here is everything you must know about social media will and why you should create one today!

Making a social media will is one of the most important things you must do in your life. Individuals must decide what happens to their assets when they aren’t around. An online will is crucial for your assets and makes things easier for your loved ones when getting your affairs in order. Losing someone you deeply care about is challenging. To help your loved ones get your matters in order, you should create a social media will that specifies your wishes for your social afterlife.

What Is Social Media Will?

For many decades, people have depended on a will to wrap up their lives after their demise. From funeral planning to dividing assets, a will outlines every one of our wishes. But sometimes, our digital presence gets left out. A social media will is a document that outlines your wishes for your online assets. Our entire lives are stored online- pictures, messages, emails, etc.

Social media will safeguard this information after your demise and pass on your digital legacy to your loved ones. Drawing up social media will make the process of getting your affairs in order much easier for your loved ones and also secure your information from getting misused.

How Important Is It To Have Social Media Will?

Social media has a significant impact on our lives. Especially post the pandemic, when we had to depend on social media for everything. We relied on social media, spent hours online, and documented our lives. The growing impact of social media makes the need for social media will more critical. We might not realize it at the time, but we leave behind a lot of personal details on the internet. The internet is a massive storehouse for all our memories, in the form of images, text messages, emails, etc.

All this information that is published on our social media accounts lasts on the internet forever. There are several reasons why social media will is crucial for your digital legacy after death;

To retain personal information.

The most important reason is to pass on essential details/information to your friends and family.

To prevent identity theft.

Another vital aspect to consider is that accounts of people who have passed away become easy targets for cyber crimes.

To make things easier for your family.

When you pass away, your family will be grieving and have many responsibilities to get your affairs in order. Things become more accessible for them when you list down your wishes via social media will and give closure to them. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Creating Social Media Will

Before you create a social media will, there are a few things you should keep in mind;

Specify all your details accurately.

The most crucial aspect to remember is listing the correct information about yourself. Everything should be verified, from personal details such as your name to your passwords.

List beneficiaries

Your children inherit your assets legally, but that does not include your digital presence. Hence, it would help if you listed beneficiaries and contingent beneficiaries who will inherit your social media legacy in case of the beneficiary’s death.

Get an executor

The executor is the most critical person of power post your death. They carry out your wishes mentioned in your will. Hence, appointing an executor makes it crucial for you to select the right person for the job.

Review the will periodically.

Your social media presence, much like the realm of the internet, is changing rapidly. Remember to update the details on your will periodically to update passwords, usernames, etc.  

Social Media Will Vs. Online Will

Online Will

An online will is a document that signifies how one wants their assets divided in the event of death. If one does not prepare a will, the final decision on the division of estates is given to the judges or state officials. An online will comprises 3 things;

Personal details

The first thing a will consists of is your personal information, including your full name, birth date, family members, and address. 

Testamentary intent

The second is the declaration that the document is, in fact, a will or testament. The testator must write the testament in the will in proper legal language.


Your beneficiaries are the people who inherit your assets. Usually, they are your children, but you can even pass on your property to a friend, charity, or spouse. It would help if you also mentioned a contingent beneficiary to decide who shall get your property in the case of the death of your beneficiary. 

Appointment of executor

After your demise, a representative or an executor carries out your wishes. Your will mentions the person you want to appoint as the executor. 

Appointment of Guardian

In case you have children who are minors, you can appoint a legal guardian for their well-being. 


At the end of the will, you need the signatures of all parties involved, including a witness.

A social media will is a document solely directed toward your digital property. A social media will is similar to an online will in terms of the details, but it only distributes your online assets and passes on your digital legacy. There are three main components of a social media will;

Personal details

Firstly, you mention personal details such as your name, age, address, etc., then list your social media accounts and passwords.


Second, list your nominees who inherit your digital legacy and get hold of your social media accounts.

Generate report

Lastly, you outline the details of the nominees and how you want to divide your assets. 

Getting Your Social Media Will In Order

Now that we have caught you up on the importance of safeguarding your digital legacy, you must know how to get started on it. The first step towards protecting your digital legacy after death is to appoint an agency that sheds light on what you should mention in the testament. You can even choose to write the document yourself and then nominate a digital executor. Doing your research and getting expert opinions will ensure a smoother process. 

Importance of Protecting Your Digital Legacy

social media will secure your information from getting leaked

As mentioned before, your digital presence is vital to your digital existence. The internet stores every information you enter. Your social media accounts store the pictures you publish, the texts you send, and all other interactions. The importance of protecting your digital legacy lies in the fact that while most of your belongings get inherited by your family, your digital presence does not, and hence, it is wise to draw up a will.

When you make a social media will, all essential data from your social media accounts get handed over to your family. Drawing up social media will also secure your information from getting leaked to cyber criminals. In this way, you can avoid identity theft.


The information we share on our social media accounts is close to our hearts and reflects the kind of person we are. We post pictures, write about our thoughts, send and receive text messages, etc., on the internet. With the growing use of social media, we should consider the digital legacy we leave behind. This information is highly personal and essential for you to safeguard.

We at Clocr help you to keep this information safe and protect your digital legacy after death. In just a few simple steps, you can specify what to do with your social presence and who shall inherit your social media accounts when you aren’t around anymore. Our services like social media will and legacy planning help you leave a long-lasting impression. Get in touch with Clocr to secure your digital legacy today.