5 Things To Remember While Planning Your Digital Legacy

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points for planning Digital Legacy

Digital Legacy consists of every Digital Information you have, no matter if it’s on your device or stored in an online cloud service. We create new Digital Data every day. This Digital Data might be in the form of photos, documents, messages, posts, and tweets.

Creating a Digital Legacy Plan ensures security to your Digital Data even after you die. However, passing on tangible assets through a Will is easy, but passing on your Digital Legacy comes with its challenges. Thus, before we tell you the key points to keep in mind while planning your Digital Legacy, here are a few challenges to beware of.

Challenges of creating a Digital Legacy Plan

Most of us have a Digital Life. Thus, it is important to plan what happens to our Digital legacy after we die. However, planning your Digital Legacy might be tricky, and here is why?

  • The first step of planning your Digital Legacy is inventory- creating a list of your Digital Assets. However, remembering each and every online account you ever created is a task. 
  • Making a Digital Copy of your files on an external hard drive is essential when it comes to planning Digital legacy. But, it is a tedious process. You’ll have to be patient and cautious while making Digital copies of your personal files and save them on an external storage device.
  • Another struggle that comes with Digital Legacy Planning is regularly updating the list of your Digital Assets and passwords of your online accounts.
  • At last, one of the biggest challenges of planning your Digital legacy is talking about it with your loved ones and helping them understand its importance.

Moving on to the key points to keep in mind while planning your Digital Legacy that will help you overcome these challenges.

5 Things To Remember While Planning Your Digital Legacy

couple planning Digital Legacy

Planning your Digital legacy will safeguard your Digital Assets and Digital Data but most importantly it will bring peace to your family. So, here are some essential points that will help you create the ultimate Digital Legacy Plan.

1. Name a Digital Executor

A Digital Executor is someone who will be responsible for your Digital Assets after you die. Thus, it is important you choose a Digital Executor who is tech savvy and has the ability to handle sensitive situations.

Your Digital Executor will not only keep your Digital Information secure after your death but they will also carry out your final wishes regarding what to do with your Online Accounts.

2. Document instructions and final wishes

It’s vital to document instructions for what should be done to your Online Accounts after your demise. Making your final wishes clear to your family will help them manage your Digital Legacy just the way you would want them to.

You can decide whether you want to deactivate your online accounts or memorialize them. Additionally, you can leave the necessary credentials (username and password) of your Digital Accounts for your Beneficiaries to access after your death.

3. Take advantage of Digital Tools

Using Digital Tools will simplify the process of storing and securing your Digital Data. For instance, Clocr’s Time Capsule- This allows you to store your personal messages, memories, advice, stories, and even apologies for your loved ones and future generations.

Such Digital Tools can safely preserve your Digital Legacy and help your family revisit your memories.

4. Research “Legacy Contact” features

Before you decide what should be done with your Online Accounts after your death you should go through the “Legacy Contact” features of various Digital Platforms.

For instance, Facebook offers a Legacy Contact feature that allows you to choose an individual who can take over your Facebook account after your death.

5. Keep updating your inventory

We often change the passwords of our Online Accounts. This is why it is important to visit your inventory and documented instructions from time to time and make the necessary changes to keep them updated.

Though it might be tempting to create a list and forget about it but taking some time out to make the required changes will ensure all your Digital Assets are secured after your death.

These are some points that will help you create the ultimate Digital Legacy Plan.