Legacy Plan for Online ACCOUNTS

Create a legacy plan for your online accounts and digital legacy in seconds and designate who can take possession of your accounts when the time comes.

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Complete Digital Legacy Plan

Our online custodial tool is based on the Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital legacy Act (RUFADAA)—a framework that provides guidelines for Digital legacy Management.

You can create and share your digital legacy access authorization details with beneficiaries, wealth managers, and estate lawyers digitally, or print a copy, notarize it, and place it in a safety deposit box.

Our patent-pending, ultra-secure vault keeps your passwords, master passwords, and bitcoin keys private, safe, and secure. Our easy to use onboarding workflow plan allows you to

  • Bulk allocate beneficiaries
  • Import accounts from various sources
  • Instruct which accounts are to be closed or memorialized
  • Specify your wishes and instructions to service providers
  • Set up automatic notifications and alerts to beneficiaries
  • Easily share estate plans with wealth managers and financial advisors 

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cdigital legacy

Protect & Pass-on your Digital Property

Manage your entire asset portfolio in one place and designate your beneficiaries to take possession of your accounts when the time is right.

Peace of Mind


Your family can instantly gain access to your digital portfolio. No need to worry about the lengthy and drawn-out legal process.

Legal Access


CLOCR’s Digital Legacy Plan is built on RUFADAA guidelines—designated beneficiaries may access your accounts without the worry of breaking privacy laws.

Cost Effective


Our cost-effective solution eliminates the need for you to use expensive legal services to incorporate your digital assets.

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Your Digital Estate in Minutes

Our innovative onboarding process includes an easy to use checklist and guides you through the process, enabling you to quickly set up your online account portfolio and beneficiaries.

We update you when new online accounts are available, doing the heavy lifting so you can simply enjoy the experience and peace of mind.

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Estate Planning During COVID-19

What our customers say

We are proud to be blazing the trail in the Digital Legacy Planning industry.

Commonly Asked Questions

Digital Estate Planning is the process of organizing your Digital Assets (social media, online subscriptions, payment and other online accounts) and making arrangements for what should happen to them after your death.

While the law is slowly moving to define the legal standing of a Digital Executor, we need to inventory our digital assets for a smooth transition or risk losing these assets forever. For more information about estate planning for your Digital Assets, get in touch with your estate planning attorney.

At least 48 states and the US Virgin Islands have enacted laws addressing access to online accounts like social media sites, microblogging, other website accounts and other electronically stored assets upon an individual’s incapacity or demise. Of the 49 states, 46 of them have adopted either Uniform Law Commission’s (ULC) Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act (UFADAA) or Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act (RUFADAA).

In an increasingly digitized landscape, creating a list of your Digital Assets, along with designating the people you trust to manage them should you die or become incapacitated, ensures that they will not be lost, forgotten or tampered with.

Some Digital Assets have monetary value, like a website with sales or advertising revenue or an online bank account. However, most Digital Assets (photos, for example), have personal or sentimental value.