Do’s and Don’ts while Creating a Social Media Will

Do’s and don'ts while creating a social media will

A well-crafted social media will should be your priority. Having a large online presence, social networking sites, and domain names can all be a part of your digital assets. Not to mention everything you keep on the internet, for instance, your virtual bank account. You need to ensure that your beneficiaries will be able to access these accounts after your death. Social Media Will could help you keep your documentation as up-to-date as you are. In order to create a good social media will, you have to know the following.


  • Plan it out

Making a social media will is a complicated task due to several factors. Most people have multiple social media accounts. Often, we forget about our profiles in the online world. Several people abandon their less active accounts if they can not remember a password and other details. We have the freedom to create as many social media accounts as we want. 

However, managing them all gets difficult with time. People should chalk out a plan to make their social media will. A well-drafted, step-by-step approach allows you to sit and think about all the factors. Start by listing the names of all your social media profiles. Next, divide them into categories and prioritize their importance. Write down their usernames and passwords to prevent any last-minute rush. 

  • Learn about the services

Every application has different terms and conditions that affect the legality of your social media will. Several social media platforms have started offering options for managing them after your demise. However, some only have the chance to delete the account. You can avail of different benefits from each application, so ensure to study their services before making a social media document. Take ample time to go through these terms and conditions as they can get complicated in some applications. It is crucial to learn everything about the services of these applications before making a plan for them.

  • Seek help

Making a will of any kind is a complicated process that warrants legal help and advice. The process would become easy if you did it via an online process. However, most people ignore some factors during the will-making process. If you have too many social media profiles, it is best to get a lawyer to check the document. Some lawyers specialize in handling cases related to the social media will-making process. It is ideal to seek their help because they leave no stones unturned. 

  • Legalize it

Ensure to legalize it after you have finished making it. It is because drafting this crucial document will not automatically make it legal. You will need to complete several steps to legalize this will, thereby ensuring that it goes into effect after your demise. 


  • Make it in a hurry

Making a social media will in a hurry is a mistake. It will cost you more money to make a will at the last minute. The process of drafting social media will have several ups and downs. People must treat it with importance. Trying to wind it up within a few days only adds to the problem. If something in your will turns out inaccurate, you will have to shell out more money and time to rectify it. Take a day or two to complete each step of the social media will-making process. It will ensure that you get the chance to oversee any mistakes and correct them on the spot. 

  • Do it alone

Seeking assistance can help you finish the process quickly without significant obstacles. You can draft it using an online will maker if you understand the legal aspects of the process. However, listening to a professional can help a lot.

The concept of making a social media will is new to most people. Several folks remain uninformed about this latest thing. However, it is a crucial aspect of asset management and maintenance. Having a social media will ready can protect your identity after your demise. It allows people to remember you and your memories with your consent.