It’s time to make your New Year Resolutions! You know the drill: Exercise more, eat better, and lose weight in some dimension. However, there are other aspects of our everyday lives that could use some improvement: protecting our digital assets, digital legacy, storing important documents and creating an emergency plan. 

New Year Resolutions are a great way to set goals for the year ahead and make positive changes in your life.  Each year, we see the same resolutions pop up time and time again, yet they never seem to get accomplished. This year is different: it’s time to make your resolutions count! With the right tools, you can organize your digital life in a way that makes sense for you.

So what are you waiting for? Set a plan for yourself to succeed in digitally organizing your life this new year.

Get started today with these actionable tips and make this the year you’ve always wanted to be.

4 New Year Resolutions for 2022

1. Create a Digital Estate Plan and safeguard your Digital Assets

What happens to your online accounts when you’re gone? Who will handle your social media accounts, memorialize or close them on your behalf when you pass on? What about the cryptocurrencies you purchased? To whom will it be transferred to, after your death?

Unless you leave specific instructions to your loved ones (in writing) and make arrangements, your loved ones will not be able to handle your online accounts on your behalf. So, how do you make this happen?

The answer is simple: Create a digital estate plan and secure your digital assets.

By creating an Estate Plan for your Digital Assets, also known as a Digital Estate Plan, you can determine who is in control of your digital assets when you’re not around. 

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2. Make a Digital Legacy Plan

No matter what type of person, family or business you are, your Digital Assets are important and should be properly secured. Don’t just leave everything to chance, secure your Digital Life before it’s too late. 

One way to do this is to create a Digital Legacy Plan. 

By creating a Digital Legacy Plan, you are making sure all the Legacy you created online – be it photos and videos on social media sites or Digital Art and crypto – will be passed on to your loved ones the legal way. 

A Digital Legacy Plan is also a way for you to pass on your fond memories to your loved ones. You can record videos and store them in a Time Capsule, which can be shared with your near and dear ones in the future. 

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3. Use a Digital Vault to store your important documents

Online Vaults can serve as an effective backup solution to safeguard your important documents, photos and videos. Clocr’s Digital Vault uses an ultra-safe and patent-pending security feature to safeguard your important documents. 

Keep your online accounts details, tax information, Estate Planning documents and much more in a secure Digital Vault. 

Your Digital Vault can also be used as an ICE Vault i.e., In Case of Emergency Vault. When used together with Clocr’s Emergency Card, your beneficiaries will have access to your important and emergency documents in case of a crisis. 


4. Use an Emergency Card 

Don’t put your life at risk by waiting for disasters to strike. Take action now and secure a future for your loved ones.

Making an emergency card that combines an emergency plan with an online vault is the best way to protect yourself and your family in case of an emergency. Clocr’s Emergency Card allows first-responders and good samaritans to call your emergency contacts anonymously by scanning a QR code. 

You can also use this together with your ICE Vault so that your loved ones can access your important emergency documents (medical and estate planning) if you are in an emergency. 

According to a recent survey, 73% of Americans would like to have an online presence after death. But only 37% of Americans have actually made plans for their digital assets. It is time to rethink your Digital Legacy and prepare for the posthumous continuation of your digital life. 

So, this New Year, make a resolution to make arrangements for your Digital Assets by creating a Digital Estate or a Digital Legacy Plan and safeguard your Digital Life. 

Make sure your loved ones have access to your important documents through an ICE Vault. An Emergency Card will ensure your loved ones will be notified in case you are in an emergency. 

We wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!