Digital Estate Plan: When Should You Update It And Why?

keep your estate planning up to date

Having a plan for your assets is an essential part of being prepared for anything that happens in your life, and it’s necessary for those of us who are older.Now if you are wondering about what is an estate plan and what is the purpose of an estate plan, an estate plan online is the […]

Protect your Digital Life through Digital Estate Planning

Protect your Digital Life via Digital Estate Planning

You might have a long list of followers on Twitter or Instagram or you might own cryptocurrencies. But if you do almost anything online, you probably own a couple of Digital Assets. Failing to make arrangements for these Digital Properties when alive can cause unnecessary trouble and costs to your next-of-kin. You should know How […]

4 New Year Resolutions for 2022

New Year Resolution 2022

It’s time to make your New Year Resolutions! You know the drill: Exercise more, eat better, and lose weight in some dimension. However, there are other aspects of our everyday lives that could use some improvement: protecting our digital assets, digital legacy, storing important documents and creating an emergency plan.  New Year Resolutions are a […]

8 Reasons Why You Need A Digital Estate Plan

Reasons Why You Need A Digital Estate Plan

Technology has increased the quality of life, and daily tasks have become more accessible. Communicating with a person living afar was challenging, but today you can communicate with people within seconds. Technological advancements in the medical field continue to save many people. The best thing about technology and its continuous progress is that ordinary people […]

How To Close The Bitly Account Of A Deceased Person?

How To Close The Bitly Account Of A Deceased Person

The tragic death of a loved one usually leaves us in disbelief, trying to make sense of this sudden loss. That is especially the case when the deceased is an avid social media user. But don’t dwell on the past and forget about Bitly. The Bitly account of a deceased person is often put in […]

5 reasons to tackle Digital Estate Plan this holiday season

Digital Estate Plan during holiday season

‘Tis the season to be jolly Fa la la la la, la la la la Holiday season is here and it is time for joyous family gatherings, great food and holiday merriment.  Speaking about Estate Planning during the holiday season might seem like a taboo topic. But you must remember that it is critically important […]

How to Prepare a Digital Estate Plan for Future Caregivers

Future Caregivers Digital Estate Plan

A Digital Estate Plan exclusively crafted to handle or manage your Digital Assets can help save your loved one’s time, especially in their tough times.  A Digital Estate Plan for Future Caregivers involves planning for your Digital Assets and leaving instructions as to what must happen to your online accounts in case of incapacitation. This […]

Digital Estate Planning in Canada

Digital Estate Planning in Canada

Maureen Henry, a mother who lost her son in Ottawa, was granted complete access to her son’s social media accounts, where she thought she could find the answers to her son’s death. But this was a result of a two year battle in court. There are many such stories where the next-of-kin had to fight […]

What is a Digital Estate Plan and how to create one

What is a digital estate plan and how to create one

In this post, you will learn: What is a Digital Estate Plan How to create a Digital Estate Plan What is a Digital Estate Plan? A Digital Estate Plan is an Estate Plan specifically for your Digital Assets. The first step to create a Digital Estate Plan is understanding what Digital Assets are and realizing […]