How To Manage Your Digital Legacy?

Manage Your Digital Legacy

The high tides of the digital revolution have changed ways of living. We produce, circulate, and store confidential information on internet based platforms. In this process, we leave behind a digital legacy when we pass away. However, in the 2017 Digital Death Survey by the Digital Legacy Association, 83% of participants stated that they had […]

Digital Gifts For Your Loved Ones This Christmas

Digital Gifts for your Loved Ones this Christmas

Christmas is the time of the year when we want to give our loved ones and family some lovely presents. It is time to take a break from your Christmas shopping because we may have the answer for all your needs. Even if you forgot to buy presents, you can always surprise your family and […]

How To Close The Best Buy Account Of A Deceased Person?

How To Close The Best Buy Account Of A Deceased Person

Our life is nothing but a compilation of a few inevitable events. All of us are mere mortals and understand that we have to bid farewell to this world, sooner or later. Yet losing a loved one is always a tough pill to swallow. It is quite obvious that you might have to take care […]

Why a Digital Asset Should Be Your Next Investment in 2022?

Digital assets investment in 2022

From our businesses to the unique digital footprint we leave behind, it is not shocking that digital assets will take over the world soon. But what are digital assets? You can find many different digital asset examples, and it’s essential to be aware of them to make the best choices for your investment portfolio for […]

Are Post-Death Digital Assets Transfers A Thing Of The Past?

Are Post-Death Digital Assets Transfers A Thing Of The Past?

We live in an age of modern convenience where Digital Assets have made our lives simpler with their ease of use and accessibility. We can access any digital asset from the comfort of our phones, but what happens when you die or become incapacitated? That’s where a Digital Estate Plan comes into play! Let us […]

How To Choose The Perfect Digital Executor?

How To Choose The Perfect Digital Executor?

When it comes to our digital lives, most of us don’t think about what will happen to our online accounts after our demise. But what happens to our digital estate is just as important as what happens to our physical belongings. What is a digital executor? Choosing an executor is one of your most crucial […]

How To Leave Behind Your Digital Legacy?

How To Leave Behind Your Digital Legacy

During our lifetime, we are online for so many hours a day, creating digital assets. These digital assets combine to create digital legacy. The digital assets we leave behind after passing away are known as our digital legacy. The various platforms we use to create this digital legacy are social media, online banking, emails, blogs, […]

How To Prepare In Advance For Protecting Your Digital Assets as an Individual?

Prepare In Advance For Protecting Your Digital Assets as an Individual

Securing our tangible assets, such as our houses and automobiles, has been standard practice for many decades. However, critical digital assets, including our personal information, are relatively new, and determining how to protect them may be difficult. When it concerns digital assets, such as personal images, data, and accounts, you must value them just as […]

Powerful tips to protect your social media account

Protecting your social media should be essential

We are on our phones for various reasons. From work to entertainment purposes, using our social media accounts has become an integral part of our lives. For most of us, we cannot imagine our lives without it. And as a matter of fact, many of us have made a profitable livelihood out of it. Yet, […]