Guardianship Disputes: What Decisions Can The Court Make?

Guardianship Disputes: What Decisions Can The Court Make? A probate court may make a decision to appoint a guardian when an adult becomes incapable or cannot make important decisions independently. In most circumstances, the guardian is the next of kin ( it can be a spouse or a grownup child) or another loved one, and […]

What is a Directed Trustee?

What is a Directed Trustee? Estate planning is a highly complex process that includes several steps. These steps can be complicated, but a directed trustee can help you here. In a Directed Trust, some tasks of distributing and administering the property placed into a Trust are delegated to a specifically appointed advisor, the Directed Trustee. […]

What do you mean by Electronic Will?

What do you mean by Electronic Will? In today’s world, almost every business functioning has an electronic alternative, mainly since the global pandemic has emerged. Previously, all meetings were held in offices; now, people prefer to hold most online meetings. They are usually less expensive, faster to execute, and easier to implement. Once passed from […]

What is a Simple Will?

The low percentage of adults in the US who have a Will in place is one of the most startling statistics of recent years. Sadly, and surprisingly, the ratio still stands at 30% with a Will and 70% without one. Most believe they do not have enough possessions to pass down and are not worth […]

How to set up a Trust for a child?

Setting up a living trust secures your estate with a safety net from the intrusion of third parties such as creditors. This blog explains the significance of trust.

Estate Planning: Preparing for End of Life

‘Healthy Aging’ is the new buzzword. WHO defines ‘healthy aging’ as maintaining functional ability and enabling well-being in older age. The United Nations Decade of Healthy Ageing (2021-2030), a global initiative, for the last ten years of sustainable development goals for improving the lives of older people, their families, and the community. The above events […]

Top 10 Estate Planning Books You Must Read

Including an estate plan in your overall financial strategy is an essential requirement. Planning for your estate is crucial because it prevents your loved ones from dealing with any unwanted legal or financial issues and guarantees that your assets will be allocated how you intend. If you need more experience or information in this area, […]

Everything You Need To Know About Non-Probate Transfer

Most US citizens find the probate transfer time-consuming, costly, and emotionally taxing. So, what is a probate proceeding? When a person dies, their estate must go through the probate system for distribution amongst the living beneficiaries. Using non-probate transfer is one easy technique to evade the probate process. This approach also keeps the assets’ distribution […]

How Much Time Do You Have To File A Will In Probate?

Along with memories, assets are an integral part of a person’s legacy. Some assets have economic significance, while others, like houses or property, might have emotional relevance. So, as loved ones, we must safeguard their assets. Time is a valuable asset. Probate is a crucial judiciary procedure through which assets have to pass on. Moreover, […]