How To Arrange For Your Digital Legacy

arranging for Digital Legacy

Arranging for your Digital Legacy is one of the most important things you should be working on. We’ve taken care of our physical legacy to some extent by creating a Will and getting it registered. However, what about our Digital Assets? How do we take care of those? Is there any way to bring peace to our family in case something happens to us?

Well! Looking at the increasing importance of several Digital Platforms in our day-to-day life, it’s high time that we start planning our Digital Legacy. Planning your Digital Legacy ensures our Digital Assets are protected even after our death. Moreover, your Digital Legacy can be a tool to bring peace to your family while they grieve your death.

Now, the question is how to arrange for your Digital Legacy? There are a few digital platforms that have a “legacy policy” through which you can plan for your Digital Assets ahead of time. So, here are some of the leading digital platforms and their legacy policy that will help you arrange for your Digital Legacy.

Legacy Policies That Will Help You Arrange For Your Digital Legacy

Facebook Account Memorialization Policy

Facebook has a Legacy Contact feature. Steps to choose a Legacy Contact are pretty simple and if you are interested to know more about it, have a look at our blog post on How to Memorialize a Facebook Account.

The Legacy Contact can inform Facebook of their loved one’s death. Facebook turns the deceased user’s Facebook profile into a Memorialized account. Nobody can log in to a memorialized account, not even the Legacy contact. The word ‘Remembering’ appears before the person’s name in the profile.

If a user does not want their Facebook profile or page to be memorialized, they can instruct their Legacy Contact to delete the account.

Memorializing an Instagram Account

Similar to its parent company Facebook, Instagram also allows its users to set a Legacy Contact to manage their profiles after their demise. The steps to Choose a Legacy Contact are simple and if you are curious to know more, have a look at our blog post on How to Memorialize an Instagram Account

A Legacy Contact must send proof of death to Instagram before turning the deceased user’s profile into a Memorialized account. Proof of death may include a death certificate or a link to the obituary.

Google Inactive Account Manager

Google does not have the feature of Memorializing its deceased user’s account. The users can set upto 10 people as their Legacy Contacts. Google monitors accounts for inactivity. If a particular user’s account has been inactive for over a year, Google sends an email to the Legacy Contacts along with the links of files to be downloaded.

While setting up a Legacy Contact, the user has to decide what files, documents or other media are to be shared with their next-of-kin – this includes data on Google drives and Youtube. On account inactivity, Google sends an intimation to these contacts, giving them three months to download the shared data. The deceased/inactive user’s account is then permanently deleted.

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Twitter has no option to memorialize a deceased user’s account. The next-of-kin can request Twitter to remove their deceased loved one’s account for good. The documents needed for this request include a copy of the death certificate, a copy of the next-of-kin’s ID, and details of the deceased user.

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Memorializing a LinkedIn Account

Networking platform LinkedIn gives the next-of-kin two options to choose from: memorialize or close the account of a deceased loved one. Further, if someone is not authorized to act on behalf of a deceased LinkedIn member, they can still report their death to LinkedIn by providing necessary details. The details needed to submit such a request to LinkedIn includes:
  • Member’s full name, email ID, and a link to their LinkedIn profile
  • Relationship of the reporter to the deceased
  • Date of their passing and a link to their obituary

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Subscription accounts like Amazon, Hulu and Netflix of a deceased person can be canceled or closed by submitting a request to their customer care email IDs. Documents to submit along with the request include a copy of the death certificate, ID and a link to their Obituary.

NOTE: If not a link to the obituary, a scanned copy of the newspaper clipping announcing their death will suffice.

Arranging for your Digital Legacy is just like making any other arrangements. You simply need to select someone you trust, who will be able to carry out your wishes and instructions for your Digital Assets. Also, discuss with your designated representative the various Digital Platforms that you maintain and if there are any changes in these regards.

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