How To Memorialize An Instagram Account

How to memorialize an Instagram account

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is a popular social media service that initially focused on photo and video sharing. 

So you know what Instagram is, but what does memorializing an Instagram account mean?

Memorialized accounts are a place to remember someone’s life after their passing away. 


An immediate family member of the deceased can request Instagram to either memorialize or delete the account. In order to do this, necessary documents such as birth and death certificates and proof that the immediate family member is the lawful representative of the deceased person and their estate. 

Learn how to memorialize an Instagram account.

How to Memorialize an Instagram Account

Instagram memorializes a deceased person’s account on receiving a valid request. Instagram tries to prevent the memorialized accounts from appearing on Explore and secures the account, thereby protecting the privacy of the deceased person. 

Memorialized accounts on Instagram have the following features:

  • No one can log in to a memorialized account, not even immediate family members or lawful representatives of the deceased person. 
  • The word ‘Remembering’ will be shown next to the person’s name on their profile.
  • Posts that the deceased person shared – photos and videos – will remain visible to the audience it was shared with. 
  • Memorialized accounts do not appear on Instagram features such as Explore. 

Once an account is memorialized, no one can make changes to the deceased person’s profile. This includes changing the current profile photo, managing followers or comments, or changing privacy settings.

Now that you know how to memorialize an Instagram account, you know that it helps to preserve their memories and their Digital Legacy. But doing so when you’re grieving the loss of a loved one is not something anyone would desire.

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