You might find a family heirloom or some item of great emotional significance in all homes. An old clock, a family recipe or even jewelry. Is it too much to assume, then, that it is only a human thing to do? To leave behind memories and valuable items for future generations to remember us by? The antique clocks, cabinets, letters, photos, and chains are enough testament to this. Now, with our lives going digital, so has the process of leaving behind memories and messages for loved ones.

Time Capsules have been around for a long time; they help capture memories, information and knowledge from the past. A Digital Time Capsule, like its predecessor, does exactly that – it connects you with your loved ones beyond death, in a digitalized way.

Here are some ways you can use a Digital Time Capsule:

Share a memory that helps them move on

Record audio or video messages for your loved ones by compiling how you want them to remember you. By adding them to your digital time capsule, you can give them glimpses into some of your precious moments and connect with them beyond death.

Leave a special message for life’s milestones

Schedule what you want to deliver to your loved ones as per a pre-scheduled calendar. Record a video message for their wedding? Or, maybe for the 18th birthday of your grandkids? Record a video or leave behind a special gift so they know that you’re still with them for all their important moments.

Talk them through the ‘why’ of your will

You can find a unique way to add value to the traditional will by sharing the reasons why you are leaving certain assets to certain family members. It helps family members understand your reasoning and approach, to avoid misunderstandings.

Leave personalized messages/instructions for specific family members

Maybe you want your elder child to get your cookie recipe and your younger one to learn the value of time? Or maybe you want to leave behind personalized messages for each member in your family?

It’s never too late or never too early. Start your time capsule with Clocr today!

Clocr® is a digital estate planning platform that offers a digital time capsule, an ultra-secure cloud locker and estate disbursement features, all under one roof. You can store, share and selectively disburse your files to your beneficiaries.