20 Powerful Alternatives To Rest In Heaven

Powerful Alternatives to Rest in Heaven

Sometimes it is not just enough to say ‘rest in heaven‘ to the deceased person’s family. It would help if you expressed your condolences and sympathies more precisely. This will help you to convey your message accurately.

Usually, when we want to personalize the sympathy message, we avoid saying rest in peace or rest in heaven. We prefer using alternatives to this phrase. Therefore in this blog, we have racked up 20 alternatives to the common phrase rest in heaven, which is an alternative to rest in peace.

Alternatives Saying for Rest in Heaven

While sending a message to the deceased’s family, we need to keep in mind the fact that we have to reflect our sympathy. So words must be used carefully. These messages are very delicate. 

  1. Peace in Heaven: With this, you convey a message where you want the departed soul to be in peace.
  2. Rest with angels: We get reminded of mythological beliefs after a close person dies. Angels are believed to reside in heaven, and with this phrase, you want the deceased person to rest with angels in heaven.
  3. May the heavenly host guide you in peace: A soul travels to a whole new world after death. In that new world, a soul needs a guide. Praying for the well-being of the soul is always appreciated.
  4. Rest in Heaven’s Glory: Heaven is glorious, and you want the soul to stay in heaven after leaving the body.
  5. Rest in heaven’s bosom: With this message, you want to convey that you want the soul to remain close to heaven.

Paradise is the alternative word for heaven. So using the word paradise instead of heaven makes the word message look different.

  1. Rest in the beauty of paradise: Heaven is beautiful, and this phrase wishes the departed soul to stay in the beauty of heaven.
  2. Rest in paradise with eternal love: This phrase is the perfect option when you want the departed soul to reside in heaven.
  3. Rest in paradise on the angel’s wings: Angel is a guardian in heaven. You want the departed soul to be in the angel’s guardianship with this message.
  4. Rest in paradise and reside with god: After death, the soul goes to god. It is a belief. This phrase prays for the deceased.
  5. Rest in joyful paradise: Paradise is considered to be the happiest place. So this phrase conveys that you want the departed soul to be in paradise and enjoy it.

Sometimes people want the soul to remain close to the god as it is the safest place. While showing sympathies on a person’s demise, you may pray for the soul to be with the god. Let us see some of those ways.

  1. Rest in Christ’s Love: This is a powerful alternative to ‘rest in heaven.’ This says that the messenger wants the soul to be with Christ after the demise.
  2. Rest in the Light: Heaven is powerful. So the soul must go to heaven after leaving the body.
  3. Rest in God: This is a blissful prayer. This phrase wishes for the soul to stay with god.
  4. The resurrection of life eternal in Christ: We know Jesus never died. He was resurrected. This powerful phrase has a deep meaning.
  5. God’s blessing and peace: This is a sacred phrase. Using this phrase means you want the soul to be blessed and showered with god’s love.
  6. May God bless the soul: A soul must be blessed by god. There are different things that a soul has to face after its demise. God’s blessings are essential to pass that phase smoothly.

The traditional phrases ‘rest in peace’ and ‘rest in heaven’ reflect our emotions. It is considered sacred to bless a person who has left the body and gone to heaven. As per mythologies, life after death is beautiful. Showing condolences to the deceased’s family can also be done in the following ways.

  1. Rest easy in this eternal sleep: Eternal sleep is attained after death. A prayer for the soul to sleep peacefully is always appreciated.
  2. Rest easy on the wings of eternity: This is a prayer for the soul to settle down nicely in heaven.
  3. May the soul rest easy in grace: Death is painful, but the journey afterward is blissful. This phrase prays for the well-being of the soul.
  4. May the soul rest in power: This phrase with deep meaning is powerful. A prayer for the soul to be powerful in heaven.


People believe to be with the people in their sorrow is kind conduct. These alternatives to rest in heaven might help you to convey your sympathies. Offering condolences is not easy, and we may run out of words. The above-listed alternatives are a beautiful way to offer solace.