Rest In Paradise: What Does It Truly Mean, And 15 Condolence messages To Send

Rest in Paradise: Condolence messages to send to your loved one

Rest in Peace is a common phrase that we usually say for a deceased person. This phrase means that we are praying for the soul to be free from all the chaos and live peacefully wherever they go. It is a medium of communicating our sympathy to the deceased and their loved ones.

Sometimes the phrase ‘rest in Peace does not fit in. So we can use the term’ rest in paradise’. This term has a different meaning than it sounds. While saying any of these phrases, our feeling is to wish the departed soul to leave the world without any regrets.

It communicates the wishes to the soul that it would have got a place in Paradise by now. This phrase has an entirely different meaning, and it sounds even better. People often confuse it with the term rest in Peace.

Now let us have a look on what are the different messages which we can send as condolence messages. You can choose one from the below to leave a message on the death of any person known to you.

  1. Until we see each other again, rest in Paradise: This message can be left on the deceased person’s social media platform. This is a message which shows your bond with the person who died. This message has a poetic touch, making it even more compatible for such occasions.
  2. I am so sorry for your loss; I know (name of the deceased) will rest in Paradise: This condolence message can be sent to the family and loved ones of the deceased person. This shows the care of the sender towards the who lost the life. It is an impactful message which says that you knew the deceased person very well.
  3. Dear (name of the deceased), rest in Paradise; you are missed: This message can be posted on the social media handle of the deceased person. But be careful while sending this message because it may sound weird if you don’t know the dead person personally. This message must be posted only by those who had a personal connection with the deceased person, and his/her loss matters the most.
  4. Rest in Paradise with (name of the relative who died before). We look forward to meeting you again: This message is the most appropriate for those whose close relative has died before. If the mother had died followed by her son’s death, then this message fits in exactly. This message can only be used if the deceased person has close relations.
  5. You lived such a good life, I know you will rest in Paradise: Through this message, the impact of the deceased person is shared. This is an appropriate message to show the importance of the dead person.
  6. RIP (rest in Paradise), My favorite (name of the deceased): This allows you to use this newer phrase in a precise manner. You can use this message for one of your close friends or colleague. Also, you can add their nickname instead of your original name, which will show your bonding with the deceased person.
  7. Rest in Paradise, name of the deceased, and I will never forget that you taught me_______: When some closely related person in your life passes away, then this message can be used. You can use this blank space to show what the deceased has taught you. It can be a severe learning or a funny thing.
  8. When I think of you smiling down in heaven, I smile too. Rest in Paradise: This is an ideal social media message. This message represents your belief in afterlife theory. Also, it will explain the impact of the deceased person in your life, whether they are physically present or not.
  9. I have beautiful memories with you, my friend. Rest in Paradise, until we meet again: This is an excellent way of sharing the news about someone’s death on social media. This will invite others to give their condolences to the deceased person.
  10. I am so glad I got to Know (name of the deceased). May their soul rest in Peace: When you learn about someone’s death, this is the most appropriate way to express your grief feelings to their loved ones and family members.
  11. Your kindness will never be forgotten (name of the deceased); rest in Paradise: This is a thoughtful way of posting your condolence on the deceased person’s social media account. This will also show that you will never forget about the dead person.
  12. I am so sad to hear about the loss of (name). They have gone too soon; rest in Paradise (name).This is the appropriate message to show your sorrow for an unexpected death. It will express your feeling towards the unexpected death.
  13. Dear (name) though you are not physically here, you will always remain in my heart. Rest in Paradise: This condolence message will express your sad feelings towards a deceased person, and his/her place will always be empty in your life.
  14. I lit a candle today in the memory of (name). He/she lived an extraordinary life. His/her soul may now rest in Paradise: Your action speaks louder than words. Doing something to remember a deceased person depicts your strong feeling towards them.
  15. To the greatest friend I ever had. Rest in Paradise:This line can be used as a social media caption with the photo of the deceased. This powerful condolence message is enough to show your relationship with the dead person.