How To Manage Your Digital Legacy?

Manage Your Digital Legacy

The high tides of the digital revolution have changed ways of living. We produce, circulate, and store confidential information on internet based platforms. In this process, we leave behind a digital legacy when we pass away. However, in the 2017 Digital Death Survey by the Digital Legacy Association, 83% of participants stated that they had […]

How To Prepare A Digital Legacy Plan For Baby Boomers?

prepare a Digital Legacy Plan For Baby Boomers

A study by Forbes says Boomers who use the internet have an average of 4.6 social media accounts. Facebook and LinkedIn are the two most popular platforms, and 82% of people use at least one. Did you know just over 20 years ago, only 7% of people around the globe were online? Currently, greater than […]

Digital Gifts For Your Loved Ones This Christmas

Digital Gifts for your Loved Ones this Christmas

Christmas is the time of the year when we want to give our loved ones and family some lovely presents. It is time to take a break from your Christmas shopping because we may have the answer for all your needs. Even if you forgot to buy presents, you can always surprise your family and […]

Does Your Last Will and Testament Include Your Online Passwords?

Does Your Last Will and Testament Include Your Online Passwords?

How many times in the past few months have you gone to the bank? Issued a cheque or even made a transaction there? Well, if you are like all of us, you probably do most of your transactions online. Why? It is simply because the internet has made it convenient for all of us.  Even […]

What is a Digital Executor?

What is a Digital Executor?

What is Digital Executor? Simply put, a Digital Executor or a Digital Will Executor is the person who will distribute, preserve and manage your digital assets and property after your demise.  In today’s day and age, everyone has a digital footprint. Everything, starting from your bank account, emails to pictures of your family and pets, […]

5 Things To Remember While Planning Your Digital Legacy

Points for planning Digital Legacy

Each of us has an inherent story to unfurl that roots in our thoughts, actions, and experiences. Every page of our life defines a new path explored or the footprint we leave behind on the world each day. The digital footprints left behind together define your digital legacy after death. Thus, Digital legacy planning is […]

Why Is Digital Legacy Planning Important?

Planning Digital Legacy

Have you ever sat down and listed all your social media accounts, subscription accounts, or the cloud storage you have used? if yes then you would know it’s not an easy task to keep track of them at all times. But, what happens to these Digital Assets after your death? How will your loved ones […]

An Ultimate Guide to Planning your Digital Legacy

plan your digital legacy

Everyone wants to be remembered even after death, so leaving something behind for their family becomes necessary. Today, more and more people are planning their Digital Legacy. Simply put, you can think of Digital Legacy as your identity, which lives on the internet even after your demise. In the past few years, internet users have […]

Prepare for the Unexpected through Digital Estate Plan or Digital Legacy Plan

planning for the unexpected with digital estate or legacy

Thinking about death or a calamity that renders you incapacitated isn’t the most joyful thought. However, any pragmatic human might say that death is probably the only sure thing that all of us will face. Thinking and planning for it is hence, just a pragmatic thing we must all do!  For the sceptics, we have […]