Why Is Digital Legacy Planning Important?

Planning Digital Legacy

Have you ever sat down and listed all your social media accounts, subscription accounts, or the cloud storage you have used? if yes then you would know it’s not an easy task to keep track of them at all times.

But, what happens to these Digital Assets after your death? How will your loved ones manage all these online accounts and protect your Digital Identity?

It’s not easy. But you can make it easy for them through Digital Legacy Planning.

In simple terms, through Digital Legacy Planning, you provide information that your loved ones need to access and manage all your Digital Assets after your demise.

After your death, your next-of-kin will know what to do with your Digital Assets (photos, videos, email accounts, and online accounts)—because you expressed your wishes.

Why Plan your Digital Legacy?

The reason why it’s important to plan your Digital Legacy is that your Digital Assets become vulnerable after your demise. This might lead to identity theft and situations where your family can’t access your Digital Assets.

Planning your Digital Legacy ensures that photos, videos, and important files remain secure and accessible to your family rather than being locked behind a password in perpetuity.

By including your Digital Legacy Plan in your Estate Plan, you are giving your loved one access to your Online Accounts and Digital Assets. You can even include instructions on how you want your Online Accounts to be managed and who should manage them.

Thus, making a Digital Legacy plan for photos and videos that are saved ‘in the cloud’ on Social Media and other Online Accounts can help your family revisit your memories whenever they want.

3 Benefits of Digital Legacy Planning

If you’re still not convinced, here are some more reasons how planning your Digital Legacy can help you, your family members, and beneficiaries:

Gives you complete control over your Digital Assets

Preparing a Digital Legacy Plan gives you power over what you wish to do with your Digital Assets even after you’re gone. Without this, your family will have no way to access your Digital Assets, leaving them vulnerable. On the other hand, your Digital Legacy Plan lets you decide what happens to your assets, protects them, and helps your beneficiaries understand you better.

Helps you stay ahead

A Digital Legacy also encourages your family to prepare for any unexpected events⁠—natural disasters, pandemics, accidents, etc. The Plan can include your Will, contact details, bank accounts, social media accounts, cryptocurrency, photographs, and videos that let your beneficiaries own and cherish your digital data the way you wish. 

Make it easy for your family

When you have a Digital Legacy Plan in place, your family, friends, and beneficiaries have a relatively simpler time fulfilling your wishes and dealing with the legalities of handling your Digital Assets while mourning your absence.

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