How To Cancel Amazon Prime Account When Someone Dies?

How To Cancel Amazon Account When Someone Dies

Amazon Prime Account has many advantages like free at-home delivery of groceries, clothes, or any other household item. However, you may find that you no longer require an Amazon account. You could also be canceling the Amazon account of a loved one who has passed away. It’s better to close it completely.

Here are some simple procedures to assist you in how to cancel an amazon account for yourself or a deceased loved one.

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How to Deactivate Your Amazon Prime After a Death or For Yourself

It’s easy to cancel your Prime membership. It’s far more difficult to delete an Amazon account completely. Expect a difficult journey and at least one conversation with an Amazon employee. You should be able to remove your Amazon account at the end of the process.

  1. Go To Your Account Settings And Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership.

    To access your account settings, you may need to enter your password again when you open your Amazon account. There will be other options accessible, including a “Prime” button.

    This area should include details such as your next billing date. A button that states “End Membership and Benefits” should be present. If you follow the instructions, your Prime membership will expire after the last paying date they offer you.

  1. Complete All of Your Purchases.

    If you wish to delete your Amazon account completely, make sure any loose ends are tucked away. Anything you’re selling or buying must be delivered, and payment processing must be completed. Permanently canceling an account while a transaction is in progress is difficult, if not impossible.

  1. Request Account Termination from Amazon Prime Membership Customer Service.

    There isn’t an easy way to delete an account on Amazon. Their Help Page on the matter explains why canceling your amazon prime after death could have long-term consequences. You’ll need to use the Contact Page to chat with an Amazon employee or receive a phone call if you’re serious.

    Make sure you have all of your important account information with you. This contains payment methods, usernames, and passwords. You’ll be able to go through the interaction with the Amazon representative more rapidly.

How To Cancel Amazon Account for Deceased Loved Ones?

You must start the procedure by contacting Amazon support if the Amazon account belongs to someone else. You can use their live chat, but the matter is likely to be complex enough to be more beneficial than speaking with someone over the phone.

Why would you want to deactivate a loved one’s Amazon account? These accounts contain sensitive personal and financial data, such as credit card numbers and previous purchases. Their identity is protected, and scams are avoided by deleting their Amazon account. Use our post-loss checklist for further information on how to protect your loved one’s legacy after death.

Have A Spouse or Executor Contact Amazon Help for A Buyer

A spouse, executor, or close family member can contact Amazon Support if your loved one exclusively uses Amazon to buy products online. The account will be shut down as a result of this action. They may seek proof such as a death certificate to close the account. They should be able to close the account once that information has been supplied.


Everyone must understand how easy it is to cancel an Amazon Prime Membership entirely. By following the steps above, you should know how to cancel your amazon account within a few minutes. This makes things a lot easier for those that have already experienced losing a loved one.