Step-By-Step Guide On How to Permanently Delete a YouTube Channel

How to Delete YouTube Channel

YouTube is a digital platform where millions of videos are available, providing entertainment and knowledge to its viewers. The estimated videos present on YouTube are around 800 million, with more than 37 million channels. This figure is released by YouTube itself every year. This article will deal with a question, i.e., how to delete a YouTube channel?

YouTube has become an industry now where people share and watch videos. Various companies endorse their product on various YouTube channels. The companies pay an amount to the creators of the videos, and YouTube also pays some money depending upon the views per video. In this way, YouTube video creators make monies. However, sometimes a creator has to stop making and uploading videos on the platform for various reasons. 

Deleting a YouTube channel is not rocket science. It can be done in some easy steps, discussed here. Let us explore the steps on how to delete a YouTube channel.

Step 1: Sign In to the channel that you want to delete. 

Step 2: In the top right corner, click YouTube settings.

Step 3: Click ‘Account Settings’ and then select overview.

Step 4: Select the option advanced mentioned under the channel name.

Step 5: Select ‘Delete Channel’ at the bottom if asked to enter your log-in credentials.

Step 6: Select the option ‘delete my account permanently.

Step 7: Select the boxes to confirm you want to delete your channel.

Step 8: Select ‘Delete My Channel.’

Following the above steps can help you to delete your YouTube channel quickly. It is easy for anyone who wants to delete their ‘own’ account. But what if you want to delete the account of someone who has passed away?

That account can also be deleted by just following some simple steps. Let us understand the simple procedure which needs to be followed.

Submit Your Request to Google

Google, which owns YouTube, has the option of a help center where you can raise your request. Submit your request mentioning account details and requesting the closure of the said account.

Wait for Google’s Confirmation

Google has an extensive IT cell. The IT cell verifies your detail and then further actions. If your credentials are genuine, then Google will confirm with you about their further procedures. The verification is essential as misleading information is traced through this process. 

Reasons to Delete a YouTube Account: Life without YouTube

If you are a person who doesn’t watch many videos, then YouTube is not for you. Deleting your account in this situation is the right option. If you don’t watch the videos, the notification still pops up. 

Alternatively, you can deactivate your account temporarily. This is the best option for you as this will make you realize the importance of YouTube, and if after some time you feel that you need to activate your account again, then activate your account.

In today’s digital era, mobile phones have become an immense source of entertainment and knowledge. The videos on YouTube can entertain you and provide information on every topic. The vast segmentation of videos helps you to obtain the actual learning. However, the addiction to YouTube is not good and must be taken care of. Give thought to your decision and act accordingly.