Make a Difference Day Special: Plan for your future and make a difference in your life today

Make a Difference Day

23rd of October, 2021 is celebrated as Make a Difference Day.

It is amazing how a small effort by an individual or a group of individuals can create a lasting impact on many lives. We are familiar with how random acts of kindness to a stranger or volunteering at a local shelter can bring a smile on many faces. 

We often make a difference in our loved ones’ lives by being supportive of their decisions and choices, lending them a shoulder to cry when necessary and laughing with them in their happy times. 

But, have you thought of any other way to make a difference in their lives?

We give you 4 more reasons to bring a smile on your loved ones’ faces and make a huge difference in their lives. We are pretty sure the below reasons leave a lasting impact in your lives. 

Create an Estate Plan for your Digital Assets

An Estate Plan for your Digital Assets, also known as a Digital Estate Plan, is an estate plan exclusive to your Digital Assets. What do we mean by Digital Assets? All your online accounts – from emails, social media profiles to cloud storage services and online shopping, all form a major part of Digital Assets. Not to forget, the devices you use to access these accounts, be it smartphones, laptops or tablets, also form a part of Digital Assets. 

Let’s have a look at the benefits of creating a Digital Estate Plan.

  • All your accounts are listed and your next-of-kin or beneficiaries are instructed as to how to handle them after your death or in case of incapacity.
  • By creating a Digital Executor to handle your Digital Assets, you can make sure your online accounts are managed the way you want. 
  • By letting someone manage or handle your accounts after you’re gone, you are protecting your online accounts from identity thefts and fraud.

So, now that you know how creating an Estate Plan exclusively for your Digital Assets can be beneficial. Sign up at Clocr today and explore our Digital Estate Solutions. 

Invest in a Digital Vault

Are you worried about storing your documents online? Worried if your important documents will be targeted by hackers and frauds? We have the perfect solution to safeguard your documents. 

Clocr’s Digital Vault guarantees utmost safety to your important documents. Be it an Online Will, your professional certificates, medical files, marriage certificates or anything else, our highly-encrypted patent-pending security solutions safeguards your documents forever. 

Sign up with Clocr today and let us safeguard your documents with our highly secure Digital Vault while you live a worry-free life.

Create a Time Capsule and record your memories digitally

We are not new to the concept of time capsules. But have you heard of a ‘digital’ time capsule? Like the traditional time capsule, a Digital Time Capsule stores your memories – digitally. 

In a Digital Time Capsule, you can not only save your memorable photos, you can record audio or video clips and share with your future generation. You can also store scanned copies of your favorite recipes, or pass down a family-secret-recipe by writing it in a document or recording the details in an audio clip. 

Sign up with Clocr today and check out our Time Capsule solutions. 

Create a Legacy Plan for your Digital Assets

We already discussed creating an Estate Plan for your Digital Assets. Are you wondering what we mean by a Legacy Plan for your Digital Assets? 

Every time we create a social media profile or any other online account, we are knowingly or unknowingly creating a Digital Legacy. Like how a family heirloom holds fond memories, our online accounts also hold sentimental values. 

The photos and videos we post on Facebook and Instagram, the tweets we share on Twitter and the memories we make on other social media accounts – these all form a part of your Digital Legacy. Though these might not hold any monetary value, they definitely hold emotional values not only for us, but for our loved ones too. 

By creating a Digital Legacy Plan, you can be sure your loved ones can cherish the times spent with you, even after you’re gone. Use our Time Capsule solutions to store your memories digitally forever.

So, this Make a Difference Day, ‘make a difference’ in your and your loved ones’ lives by safeguarding your important documents as well as making plans for your online accounts after you’re gone.