5 Ways to spend Thanksgiving with your Family

thanksgiving special time capsule

As Thanksgiving approaches, you might find yourself all caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season. Here are some ways you can enjoy Thanksgiving as a family.

1. Read a Thanksgiving Story

Read up on the history of The First Thanksgiving. If you are looking to read aloud a few Thanksgiving short stories, you might want to try:

Bert’s Thanksgiving which is a story about an old man and a young boy who run into each other on Thanksgiving. The moral of the story is, money is not the only source of true riches. What things do you treasure the most? 

The Thanksgiving Goose talks about the importance of being thankful. The main character of this story, Guy, learns an important lesson that teaches him the true meaning of Thanksgiving. 

Looking forward to doing a read aloud session with your family? How about recording them to cherish these wonderful memories forever? You can store these recorded videos in a Time Capsule and share it with your friends and family as well as with your future generation.

2. Plan your Feast together

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with your family and being grateful for having them in your life. So why not bring the entire family in on your feast planning? You can let each family member pick a dish for the menu. You can also make a list of who brings the supplies and who helps in cooking. 

Not to forget, you can take pictures of the complete process and share it with your relatives and friends. When you can share it with your relatives and friends, you can also make sure these cherishable memories are seen by your grandchildren too. All you have to do is store these photos in a Time Capsule and let your future generation view the wonderful moments you spent with your family on Thanksgiving. 

3. Try your Family’s Thanksgiving recipe

Do you have a Thanksgiving recipe that has been handed down through generations? The hand-written recipe might have dog-ears but you can always store a scanned copy of it on your computer. In the digital era, you can not only store the scanned copy but also pass down the recipe to your future generation digitally. 

Write down the recipe in a (digital) file. If you have modified the recipe since it was handed over to you, add it as notes in your recipe. You can also write down the fond memories you have of spending time with your mother or grandmother while making this dish in your childhood. 

If you do not want to write it down, record it as a video. 

4. Write Thankful Lists

In the digital era, it is very easy to call or send a message to someone special. Sit with your family and let each one of them have a piece of paper and a pen. Write down all the things you are grateful for, and to whom you are grateful to. Then, let each one of your family members read this list aloud. Record them as they read it so that you and your loved ones can reminisce about the wonderful times you spent this Thanksgiving.

5. Spend time outside

Spend some time outside with your family. Go on long walks and enjoy the changing leaves and the weather. Take pictures of you and your kids collecting all the colorful leaves and the times you spend with your family on these walks. 

In the digital era, we always have an option to store our ‘memories’ digitally. What we mean by this is, we can click photos or record videos of the family get-togethers and store them digitally. You can also share these with your relatives and friends. Well, when you can share it with those around you now, you can also share it with your future generation. 

Be it your family’s Thanksgiving recipe or photos of the celebrations, you can store them all in a Time Capsule and let your future generation cherish the moments you spent with your family. 

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