Time Capsule Ideas: What To Put In Your Capsule?

Time capsule ideas for your future generations

Have we figured out how to communicate with the future yet? We haven’t? Well, at least we have the next best thing, the time capsule.

What exactly is a Time Capsule? A Time Capsule is almost like a “historical cache” filled with pictures, information, and various other items that capture what life used to be like at that time. 

Learn how to make your perfect time capsule 

But what will you fill in your time capsule? That’s the big question. Pictures, recordings, favorite toys, comics, the list is endless. These are some fun ways that you can fill your time capsule.

Time Capsule Ideas for Families:

Family time capsules are a great way to view how a certain period was like through the eyes of multiple people. Making a time capsule with your family for your family could be a fun way to create even more memories.

  • Family Pictures: Is it even a family time capsule if you did not include your family picture. Take pictures from gatherings, events, weddings, birthdays, births, and more and put it all in that time capsule. You or even your children and grandchildren can see how they used to be in the future. 
  • Family Traditions: A list of family traditions in the time capsule would be an excellent addition. Many family traditions are passed down because someone took the time and responsibility. The list in your time capsule could be the guide for your children and grandchildren to carry it on. 
  • Family Heirloom: Every family has an heirloom that has been passed down for generations. It could be a piece of fabric, jewelry like earrings, rings, bracelets, or even books and paper. You can add that to the family time capsule. If you feel the heirloom is too precious, you can put a picture of it instead or write down where to find it. 

  • Family Recipe: A family recipe passed down could be something everyone could enjoy. Include traditional dishes that can’t be found in local restaurants or even add secret recipes that your friends and families love. 

  • Pictures of the Family House: Not everyone is privileged enough to see or live in the family house. Whether you have moved out or live in a different country now because of your work, the family home holds many memories. Take pictures of the family home, including the house plan, so that even if you cannot visit it anymore, you would at least feel a sense of familiarity with the pictures.
  • Family Stories or Legends: If your family has a story everyone knows and has heard multiple times, put it in the time capsule for future generations. Every family has a peculiar story or even a peculiar person, whose stories almost feel unreal. Keeping those in the time capsule will also keep their memory alive.

Time Capsule Ideas for a Baby or First Birthday

Imagine finding a time capsule with pictures and recording your first year on this earth. It would be a great surprise for anyone. You can give this time capsule to your child when they had grown up, a box of all the memories from when they were little. 

  • Newspaper from the day they were born: What was the world like when you were born? What was going on? A fun way to know about the place you were born and what the current event was during that time. 
  • Baby Pictures: Pictures filled with the smiles of the child and everyone around them is a great way to see everyone who was there when you were born and how they used to look.
  • Pictures of the mother: when your child sees the time capsule in the future, they can see the person who brought them into the world and how they used to look. Pictures of the mother with the baby bump could be a great addition to the box. 
  • First Spoon/Toy: The first toy or spoon is a keepsake that your child will cherish forever. Small items that the baby loved in the past could also be an excellent memory for the family. 
  • Favorite outfit: All babies have clothes that they love to bits and never want to let go of. Put that in the time capsule for your child to see when they grow up. It could also be a way to see how many styles of clothes have changed over time.
  • Baby Name list: All patents-to-be go through the difficult part of choosing a name for the baby. The back and forth, the dilemma is unparalleled. Including this name would also be a way to see the reaction when your child finds out what they could have been named. 
  • A Hand or Foot Print: Many cultures and now most people have developed the habit of taking the footprint or handprint in various colors as a fun project. Show them how tiny and adorable their hands and feet used to be when they were babies. 
  • A letter for your baby: The emotions that rush through you when you first hold your child are unreal. Writing a beautifully worded letter that your child will read one day is a great gift.
  • Baby Videos or recording: If you have the recording of their first steps or their first words or first smile, include that in the time capsule as well.

Time Capsule Idea for Couples

Celebrate milestones of the years you and your significant others are together with the help of time capsules. Not only is it a great gift for anniversaries but a great activity to do together and have fun.

  • Pictures of the two of you: A time capsule with no photos is like a pie with no filling. Include happy, funny, and embarrassing pictures that encompass all your moods. Some with friends and family also make a great addition.
  • Love Letters: Although writing a love letter is a lost art when you fill this time capsule, you can write a few love letters that you would want to read a few years down the line. 
  • Memories of the first date: It might be unlikely that you have souvenirs from the very first date. If you have that, include those. If not, you can write about it. How do you feel, what did you expect, how did you turn out? This could be a fun exercise when you and your partner could have a few laughs. 
  • Wedding Pictures: If you have crossed this milestone in your relationship, then you can add this to your time capsule to reminisce the special day.

Now, in this day and age, you don’t have to dig up dirt or find a shoebox to store a few pictures for your time capsule, especially when digital time capsules are so much easier and hassle-free. 

With the Clocr Time Capsule, pass on your stories, memories, and heartfelt apologies. Share your experiences, elaborate on your wishes, write about your hopes and dreams—whatever you’d like your loved ones to read.

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