What is a Eulogy?

What is a Eulogy

Merriam Webster defines the term “eulogy” as “a commendatory oration or writing especially in honour of one deceased”. If you have ever attended a funeral or a memorial service, you must have heard someone giving a heartfelt and tearful eulogy. Whether it is given by a member of the family or a close friend, giving a eulogy is both an honour and a painful task.

A eulogy, in simple words, is a remembrance speech that pays tribute to the person who has passed away. The funeral may feature multiple eulogies from various people depending on their relationship with the deceased. A eulogy can be a short recollection of your memories of the deceased that you think best encapsulates their spirit. Giving a eulogy is never easy. The goal is to reminisce while also providing some sort of comfort to the others in your perception of the person who has passed away. 

Why do we give a Eulogy Speech?

Why a eulogy? What is the purpose of a eulogy speech? What power does it hold? As we said, a eulogy is a remembrance speech that pays tribute to the deceased. Along with that, a eulogy speech has a lot to do with the community. 

We all are a part of a community and experience things collectively. When someone dies, it affects us all to some degree. Depending on our relationship with the deceased, we all express our sorrow and grief. The reason family, friends and members of the community come together during a funeral or memorial service is to grieve and heal together. 

The Eulogy speech is a praise of the deceased and a recollection of memories that others experienced with them. It helps in the collective processing and grieving and provides a sense of community when someone has passed away. These little stories, memories or shared experience allows the attendees of the funeral to remember their loved one, reflect, grieve, process and heal through the art of storytelling. 

Who can give a Eulogy at a Funeral?

Can I give a eulogy? Is there a rule specifying who can give one? No, not really. Usually, a close family member, close friends, or people who shared a significant relationship with the deceased give the eulogy speech. People like the spouse or parents or children of the deceased may often find it difficult to give a eulogy speech, as figuring what to speak about might be a demanding task for those in mourning.

If you are close to the deceased and want to share a few words, you can approach the funeral organiser. Volunteering to give a eulogy is always welcome, especially in difficult times, where words can hold power to heal and uplift people.

You can write about the memorable stories, reflect on the relationship that you shared, how the person affected and changed your life, or even praise their achievement and accomplishments. A eulogy speech is a great way also show how a person can leave a mark in the lives of multiple people.
Learn how to write a eulogy to deliver a powerful message that helps people heal during difficult times.