Best Songs About Missing Someone

Best songs about missing someone

Music is a medium of expression that transcends boundaries, cultures, and language. Music allows us to express what we feel when words fail us. Losing a loved one is painful. Music can help you to alleviate that sorrow.

Song: Supermarket Flowers
By: Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran wrote this song when his grandmother passed away after being ill for some time. The song is almost like an ode that resonates with many people who have had a similar experience of losing a grandparent.

Song: Lay Me Down
By: Sam Smith
A song that encapsulated the true feeling of losing someone you love. Losing someone can change your entire world and how you perceive things.

Song: Please Come To Boston
By: Dave Loggins
A country classic about missing someone you have left behind. This song speaks about all the estranged relationships that one leaves behind when one embarks on a new journey.

Song: See You Again
By: Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth
Saying goodbye might feel too finite to say to your friend. This song encapsulates how we never wish to bid goodbye, but just a temporary farewell till we all meet again one day.

Song: Thinking ‘Bout You
By: Ariana Grande
When we miss someone, all we might have left of them are memories. Memories remind us that our connection to someone was authentic.

Song: Tears in Heaven
By: Eric Clapton
Clapton dedicated this song to his son after he had died in 1987. This song perfectly captures the grief of losing your son.

Song: My Heart Will Go On
By: Celine Dion
The title track of “Titanic” is the ultimate love song that encapsulates the feeling of missing some you hold dear to your heart.

Song: Holes in the Floor of Heaven
By: Steve Wariner
Losing a loved one is never easy, whoever it may be. Grief can always linger in the corner of your heart. The only relief that we have is the thought that must be looking over us. This song captures the feeling of watchfulness.

Song: Not A Day Goes
By: Lonestar
No matter how long it has been since we lost someone, we still miss them. The only things that sustain us are the memories that they have left behind.

Song: Someone Like You
By: Adele
It is difficult to see someone let go of you when you could not. A beautiful love song about missing someone and knowing that you will eventually be alright.

Song: Candle in the Wind
By: Elton John
This song talks about legends who passed away before their time. Elton John wrote this song initially about Marilyn Monroe. The popularity of the song skyrocketed when Princess Diana of Wales passed away.

Song: Love is Stronger than Death
By: The The
This song is a constant reminder that even if death separates you, love surpasses everything.

Song: I’ll Be Missing You
By: Puff Daddy featuring Faith Evans
This song was offered in memory of the rapper Notorious B.I.G. when he was killed in 1997. This song won a Grammy and is considered a best-selling single of all time.

Song: I’ll See You in My Dreams
By: Giant
When we lose someone, the only thing we have left is our dream. Our dreams are the only place where we can see the person we have lost and missed dearly.

Song: Dancing On My Own
By: Robyn
This Swedish singer wrote this song about losing a lover to someone new and the urge to say goodbye regardless and to receive some closure.

Song: Pray
By: Sam Smith
Smith begs God to help him through this difficult time. It is a song for the lost and lonely souls who miss the people they love.

Song: Joanne
By: Lady Gaga
She dedicated this song to her aunt who passed away. Singing how “Heaven’s not ready for you”.

Song: I Don’t Wanna Live Forever
By: Taylor Swift and ZAYN
A tragic song about losing someone you love after dedicating your life to them. Taylor Swift and ZAYN capture the emotion of this longing.

Song: Fire and Rain
By: James Taylor
Death of your own or even of someone else is inevitable. This song beautifully shatters our lack of immortality and reminds us how fragile we truly are.

Song: Reminds Me of You
By: Van Morrison
A song about never knowing when your heart will finally stop missing someone.