Top 10 Social Media Sites & Platforms 2022

Top 10 Social Media Sites & Platforms 2022

Our lives rely so heavily on our phones and the internet. For one, social media is an essential tool that helps us stay connected with people worldwide and helps us share information and ideas with others, leading to better relationships, connections, and understanding. Social media platforms help us stay in contact with family and friends. It helps build professional connections too.

There are tons of social media apps one can choose from for themselves. Our apps help us have a reach for news, entertainment, and more. For ages, the growing social media platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram have been competing with the top social media platforms(Facebook, etc.). With an average person having at least 40 apps with half remaining unused, it shows how much we rely on our social media apps to live our everyday lives.

Always choose your social media sites based on what you want to connect with what the site offers. Whether it is a physical product, service, or just a regular private account, pick your app based on balancing your wants and needs efficiently. Analyze which site consists of your people and pick social media platforms based on that requirement only. Being on a list of all social media platforms together to attract them might not necessarily do that.

It is best to make a social media platform list of which sites would prove helpful to your need and select any three among those. It helps filter necessity and how social media sites, along with their benefits, can be enjoyed thoroughly.

The Charisma of Social Media

Social media has been around since the 2000s and expects to grow to $223.11 billion in 2022. The tremendous growth not just for the social media platform but based on what it would offer its consumers in the future is unique in its making.

Under the category of newcomers to the social media market, many come in. But the Top 4 are the best to have cracked the code to gain traffic to their sites—Tiktok, Discord, Twitch, and last but not least, Instagram Reels.

A significant portion of TikTok’s active users was from India, and the social media sites in India used commonly are Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, and Messenger, among a few. Since India has a vast population, TikTok became a massive hit for its concept in India, which is why among the social media sites in India, TikTok holds a vast population of Indian users.

Why do we spend time on social media sites

Most of us spend time on our phones mindlessly scrolling. But here is a list that we use that will make you rethink how to use those social media sites when online.

  • The obvious is to build a connection(personal or professional).
  • It helps to be social with family and friends, especially when distance is the issue.
  • Build a profile online on any social media app or platform of one’s liking.
  • It helps to stay updated with the world’s issues(news) and other trending topics
  • We take time off to relax and use our devices for entertainment purposes
  • It’s a great place to brainstorm ideas and view suggestions/see others’ points of view too.
  • Free marketing for products/brands people want to spread the word.
  • It may become an addiction if not supervised or controlled. Hence work-life balance is a must to be learned.

Top 10 Social media sites

With the phenomenal growth of social media from where it began till today, some A-listers top the chart of the social media platform 2022. This social media platform list comprises the most popular, engaging, and connected sites everyone can participate or engage with for various ideals.

Most top social media apps or sites have a particular target audience that visits them. These are MAUs(monthly active users) in professional terms with which the social media platform analyzes their growth factors.

Apart from using your Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat for personal use to chat with friends and family- many brands use these platforms as social media marketing tools too. It helps because word online spreads fast, giving their products free marketing; if done right, they would see profits too.

The top social media platforms are listed below, with simple descriptions for your understanding. Most of these social media apps are probably on your phone already, which shows why you need to read further.


Facebook was involved with controversies, but that didn’t hinder its growth. With this social media site for young college-going students- Facebook has become a long profitable success.

Today this platform beats all top social media platforms mainly because it prioritizes free marketing tools and building relationships(private or business-related). Because of the balance between personal connections and professional outlook, Facebook excels in social media.


The dream of Facebook carries on into its work environment with its work regarding connecting people. Facebook’s headquarters is in Menlo Park, California, United States. The most prominent social media platform’s headquarters covers over 250 acres and has over 30 buildings.

The infrastructure at Facebook screams the same as what they stand for according to their brand. Most people that work at Facebook come under the risk-taking and goal-oriented group, which makes it perfect for extrovert minds.

  • The work environment mainly involves a casual, open-minded, and carefree atmosphere at the headquarters of Facebook.
  • The outdoor seating of Facebook consists of a built-in gas fireplace that one can control.
  • Facebook also provides a free laundry service to its employees, run by an eco-friendly company, Purple Tie.
  • A global palette of cuisine is usually available based on the ingredients that can be locally sourced.
  • The buildings are designed in a manner to make sure we preserve nature and animals from harm.

Monthly Active users

Every social media platform has a specific set number of the target audience that visits the site. That is under a month and the regularity of the people who visit them.

Why is this done? Because this helps top social media platforms plan out marketing strategies, growth of the platform, what age groups use it as a majority, and so on. The MAU factor does not give them what the consumer does on the site but shows what beginning they use it and to what extent.


Eight thousand five hundred ninety-six crores USD is the current 2020 revenue of Facebook. The revenue has grown upwards since 2009. The social media platform started minting revenue through its advertising revenue model. This model grants space on its comprehensive online platform to advertise its product/brand. Under operating profit, in 2021, Facebook made $46.7 billion.


Facebook has dealt with many scenarios but still retains the top position of being the biggest social media platform against competitors. Facebook also caters to small businesses and industries such as retail, gaming, restaurants, e-commerce, and more. It remains on top because it permits various communication formats such as text, and videos, setting up events, building communities, starting movements, and so much more. The main reason Facebook excels is that it gives its brand in connection to building relationships.


The makers of this social media streaming platform had first made it out exclusively for women to state what they wanted their ideal partners to be. When this idea went downhill, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim opened their platform to anybody wanting to upload videos to the social media platform Youtube. From then on, youtube became the second growing social media platform competing with Facebook on the internet.

That was not just a millionaire idea for their platform and app but also gave rise to virality later. The main uses of Youtube would be it helps in gaining knowledge of various kinds, helps pick up skills of various interests, and lets people flaunt their talent from any corner of the world. It has become an excellent tool for research and learning apart from the common purpose of entertainment it serves. Youtube gave rise to the career path of “Youtubers,” and making viral content on the platform attracted a bigger MAU.


In 2014 Facebook had two competitors, one among them having 2 billion active users. Whatsapp’s social media app took over the target audience of private connections that one shares with family and friends. This social media app later proceeded to provide its platform for business-related purposes and communication.

The app permits video, audio, text, and images. It caters to every age group because of the private connection and has a fingerprint feature that guarantees the privacy of your conversations. From this social media platform list, Facebook and Whatsapp have been victims of spreading fake news, which is something they still deal with and a solution yet to be discovered.


The one social media app that gen z, millennials, and teens use often was another competitor to Facebook, which it acquired. This social media site has allowed its customer base to communicate through the ordinary means of text but made the video and photo sharing method of posts popular. It gained 1.221 billion active users with this concept.

The app sells itself as a brand based on inspiration, passion, and adventure. It lets the user have many benefits to connect to their fans named “followers” through various formats such as Ask me anything, questions, polls, and more. Instagram not only gave rise to “influencers” but also let people showcase their messages, skills, and talents.


Only yesterday, it feels like Tik Tok was the newest social media platform, and the younger generation loved the idea of lip-syncing to songs or trends going viral; TikTok, as one of the growing social media platforms, is your place to show your product or business. The short video format sharing platform was born on TikTok, and recently, many have criticized Instagram for copying it in the form of reels.

The hack to this social media platform as they made content creation accessible and jargon-free. So much so that kids can also figure out this social media app and upload their videos online. Yes, in the beginning, and even now, the platform is criticized for its cringe content even today. Still, it also caters to producing enriching entertainment of various kinds, challenges, and trends.


Regarding clicking pictures, Snapchat seems to be almost every teen and millennial’s savior for clicking amazing pictures. This social media site figured out that its target audience will be those who want to take great selfies and pictures. Hence Snapchat’s brand is to build on providing its consumers with various types of filters to click pictures.

The filters could range from looking cute, funny, posh, routine, etc., as the range for this is millions. This app does let one do the basic amenities of sharing photos, videos, and texting but became a hit amongst its target audience for the “24-hour text view” or “After view expire” options. These options mean that after 24 hours, the chat expires if selected or expired immediately after viewing it.


Pinterest is one social media platform everyone can surf through in search of inspiration about any topic they have stuck in their head. Why? Because that is what this social media site tells you to do effortlessly- discover without holding back.

Pinterest has a concept of pinning posts or saving them that can be accessed in the future by the account holder to revisit for purchasing said pin or look at its reference/inspiration. This site can also generate a lot of traffic for businesses and their brands/products. Just posting the right picture depicting the brand/product to attract customers and attaching the link will make them visit those websites often( this is done very commonly on Pinterest).


The social media site that is gaining popularity for promoting opinions, views, and much more is Reddit. That takes place by a post posted on the site, and it gets upvotes or downvotes- if it gets upvotes, it is visible even more. Reddit is an excellent source of knowledge about topics of various types.

This site is the perfect place for mind-hungry people and those who are looking for good research material. This site can also become addicting, making you drift away from your everyday routine, etc.- hence practicing work-life balance. Reddit is excellent at forming communities of like-minded people and marketing too.


If job recruiting was made easy by a social media platform, it is LinkedIn. This platform prioritized a stage of keeping it professional and letting job recruitment happen thoroughly in a filtered manner. LinkedIn also highlighted the importance of online resume writing (cover letter included).

The main benefit of a platform like LinkedIn is that it eliminates the tiring process of the traditional method of interviews. It allows the job seeker to apply to many jobs as suited by them simultaneously at ease without facing obstacles. Once you are certified in your field, your LinkedIn profile is how recruiters contact you through offers based on your updated credentials.


With the current drama of Twitter, aside from what is caused by Elon Musk, nobody can take away from this social media platform what it gives in terms of information. Giving rise to news, raising discussions, or making headlines- Twitter has contributed to helping spread any information quickly by being one of the top newest social media platforms introducing Twitter spaces(to host live audio chats) in 2020. The site got famous for the feature of tweets that it offered to its target audience, which helped them grow massively.

The concept involves posting a tweet relevant to any topic open for discussion, related to the news, or just for plain humor. It allows text, video, links, and photos to be uploaded, which can be reacted to or shared; it is searchable too. Twitter is also known for being an excellent site for networking as well.

Which social media site will you use?

It might be tough to choose with all these options on a platter. These top social media sites cater to particular audiences, and figuring out if it is well suited for you is the main priority. Please make sure you know what it caters to while joining these platforms.

Make sure you join the social media site to use it for its entire purpose. That means if it is for maintaining a private account, then ensure you have privacy and other factors. When connected to promoting a business, ensure it will take specific measures to market it properly to attract traffic to the brand or product.

What is the most popular social media platform 2022?

While there is a list of social media platforms that are getting popular as the months pass by, currently, Facebook will remain the most popular social media platform in 2022. TikTok was the new rising social media platform only yesterday, and today is becoming a growing social media platform globally. Reddit has also been gaining popularity for its concept and is steadily growing in its active user base.


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