How To Delete Or Get Full Access To A Loved One’s Virgin Media Account?

How To Delete Virgin Media Account

Virgin media access comes with TV or Broadband services of Virgin media. Virgin Media is a service provider which offers one of the finest TV and broadband services. A virgin media account is created for the customers, and their relevant information is entered into the account.

There are situations when a person dies or becomes incapacitated to handle an account. In these situations, we want to take over the account of our loved ones. The process to do this is very straightforward. This blog will unveil the process of deleting or getting full access to a loved one’s virgin media account. 

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So let us dive into the main topic of discussion in this blog post.

How to Delete or Get Full Access to a Virgin Media Account when we do not have the Password?

  1. Prepare all the essential documents to support your claim, like any proof of your relationship with the person who owns the account. 
  2. Call or email customer support service with the proof and other essential documents.
  3. Follow the instructions given by the customer service representative.

Being more precise with the documents required for the process can help you complete the task in less time. So let us look at the detailed list of documents that are necessary for transferring the ownership of a virgin media account.

List of Documents Required:

  1. Deceased full name with the email address.
  2. Copy of your government ID proof to prove your relationship with the dead.
  3. Link to the deceased person’s account.
  4. Proof of transfer of authority such as the power of attorney or testament.
  5. Copy of the death certificate.

However, you can save yourself from all these hurdles if you have a password. Older people share their virgin media account details with their family members.

So let us see the process of deleting a virgin media account when you have the account’s password.

The Process to Delete a Virgin Media Account with Password:

  1. Log in to the account by entering the account credentials.
  2. Navigate the admin section and select it.
  3. Select the “close account” option to delete the account. After choosing this option, the account will be automatically deleted. 

This process is straightforward. But for this, you must have a password. 


virgin media account can be deleted after the account holder’s demise. If not deleted, one must gain complete access to that account. This blog is specially written for those who struggle with the same problem. 

Hope this blog will be of some help to those who are facing a problem with a virgin media account.