31 Best Thinking Of You Text Messages For Him or Her

Thinking of You Text Messages To send Him or Her

When you are intensely thinking of someone you love, you must not wait much to let them know about your feelings. Initiating a conversation with someone special while thinking about them brings the best emotion out. This instigating feeling must not be paused. But sometimes, we run out of words while sending the thinking of you text

Now let us see the 31 best thinking of you text messages for them.

  1. Who knew you could be in my subconsciousness so often more than I say? For me, thinking of you means loving you. I love you for being in my thoughts.  
  2. His eyes are on sparrows while mine is on him. I can’t stop thinking about you; you’re the reason behind my thoughts. You’re always on my mind, my love.
  3. I wish I could show you how far my mind travels with you. You and your thoughts take me far away from hell. I love thinking about you, sweety.
  4. Your thoughts in my mind remain the same no matter how much time has passed. I love thinking about you constantly.
  5. I read you like I read a book. Your thoughts work as a remedy for my lonely heart. I cannot stop thinking about you.
  6. I do not mind you being in the center of my world. Your thoughts lift me. I am always thinking of you, my love.
  7. Just a single thought of you brings a smile to my face and heals my soul. You are always in my mind, darling.
  8. Thoughts about you give me the strength and confidence that I need. Your thoughts are never off my mind.
  9. Why do I have to think about you even when I’m asleep? For heaven’s sake, this is real love. I love you forever.
  10. When I first thought about you, my heart was at ease for the first time. I assure you to keep thinking about you. I can’t stop thinking about you.
  11. I know one thing, as much as my heart breathes, I’ll breathe your thoughts. You live beyond my heart, and you live in my mind. 
  12. I am thinking of you with all my mental efforts. The joy and glow you bring to me are commendable. I love thinking about you, my love.
  13. My heart pops with joy whenever I think about you. You’re the reason for my happiness.
  14. A glimpse of your thought brings a lifetime of joy to my heart. I always think about you.
  15. I dream of you in my conscious mind and think of you even as I lay down my head. You’re always in my thoughts, my darling.
  16. Thinking of you makes me realize how lucky I am. Thank you for being with me.
  17. Your thoughts fill my mind like clouds fill the sky. Eventually, it rains in my heart with your thoughts. I love thinking of you. 
  18. I am incapable of stopping thinking about you. You’re always on my mind, honey.
  19. My love for you goes beyond my lips to my heart and thoughts. You are forever in my thoughts. 
  20. Heaven will be rewarded every time I think about you. You give me company. I cannot stop thinking about you.
  21. I think about you as I think about my life. I love you.
  22. Thinking about you makes my heart so bright and beautiful. Thinking about you makes my heart attractive. 
  23. The fastest route to heaven is thinking about you, while the quickest way to hell is to stop thinking about you. I can’t help it, my love.
  24. Thinking about you is unexpectedly beautiful. It melts my heart and takes my stress away, my love.
  25. Thinking about you urges me to be better every day. I love you and will be forever thankful to you. 
  26. I see my guardian angel in you. You’re the angel of my dreams. I’ll always love you.
  27. My day starts with you and ends with you. Your thoughts fill my mind. You’re my day and night. You have all my heart.
  28. Apart from the blood, the only thing which flows in my veins is your thoughts. I cannot stop myself from thinking about you.
  29. I live each day of mine with you. I cannot imagine my life without you. You are my love.
  30. My feelings for you are beyond infatuation. You’re the reason for my blissful thoughts. 
  31. Thinking about you drives me crazy. I want to be with you every time. You’re always on my mind, my love.


When your heart is filled with the affection of the person you love, then messaging them instantly will express your right thoughts. Your thinking of your text must be accurate to represent your exact feeling. 

The above list of messages will help you to express your feelings appropriately. Send these love messages to the love of your life.