15 Short Best Wishes, Good Luck, And Congrats Messages

Best Wishes and Congrats Messages

Wishing someone luck or congratulations is something that human beings have been doing for a long time. However, some people are skeptical about wishing someone well. After all, it’s just words that don’t make any direct difference, right?

While it’s true that your ‘best wishes’ or ‘good luck’ messages might not drastically change a person’s situation, they do serve as a sign of support. Sometimes, all that people need is someone to believe in them.

Like with most things you say, the phrasing and tones will differ depending on who you’re wishing. You wouldn’t wish a co-worker the same way you would your partner.

Luckily for you, we’ve gathered some basic forms of Good Luck Messages, best wishes, and Congratulations messages.

Good Luck Messages

1) So sad to see you leave, but everyone knows that you’re gonna smash it at your new job! Good Luck!

This is a good message for when you would like to let a coworker know that they will be missed while also showing your faith in them.

2) May The Force Be With You

A message that requires no introductions, this one is for your Star Wars fanatic friends.

3) You’ll do great! Go break a leg!

While this sounds painful when taken literally, it’s a great vote of confidence that is usually given to stage performers right before a performance. As for its origin, it is said to have come from the bad luck that’s associated with directly wishing ‘good luck’ to someone.

4) I’ll be right here when you wake up

A message for someone who’s going to undergo a medical procedure. This is a great thing to say to someone before a possibly scary surgery or operation.

5) Fortune Favors The Bold

No matter what you do in life, if you shirk away from your responsibilities and act meekly, life is going to be very unkind to you. Only by owning up for yourself will you truly succeed in life.

Best Wishes

6) I Wish You The Best!

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the way to go. And something as general as a simple ‘wish you all the best’ can be used in almost any situation.

7) Wishing You All The Success In The World

A well-meaning message that wishes that only the best happens to the receiver of the message.

8) Hoping For Your Speedy Recovery!

A message for when someone is sick. It’s important to let people know that there are those who care about them and their well-being

9)Your Love Is What Movies Are Made Of. Wishing You A Happily Married Life!

Marriages are beautiful occasions for great celebration. It’s where two souls agree to spend the rest of their lives together, and a wonderful wish could make their big day even better.

10) Hope That Only Good Things Come To You

People have varying fortunes, and life can be a bit unkind to certain individuals. For those people, a wish of good fortune could mean the world.

Congratulatory Messages

11) You’re an inspiration! Keep At It!

For those who are always pushing themselves to be better versions of themselves, this message serves as a reminder that their lives inspire those around them.

12) You Rule

A bit more on the casual side, congratulate those who are more intimate with you by letting them know that they’re doing an amazing job.

13) You Deserve All Of This And Then Some!

For those who’ve worked themselves to the death to get where they are, this message shows that you acknowledge what they had to go through 

14) Always Knew You’d Be The  One To Do It!

Some people lack faith in themselves to believe that they can succeed. This is a message for those who overcome this lack of confidence.

15) You Are A God Amongst Mortals!

A very informal way of letting a close friend or coworker know that they’re extraordinarily talented.

While make a wish quotes and best wishes are all a part of showing support letting the people around you know that you care, it’s important to note that you should take into account the context while wishing someone luck. You shouldn’t be asking your boss to ‘break a leg’ or a friend who’s sick to ‘do well’. That can make you seem like a shallow person who doesn’t actually care about  others. So, make sure that you use these best wishes and quotes appropriately!