12 Powerful Near-Death Experience Books

Near-Death Experience

On a World War I battleground, a teenage Ernest Hemingway was severely hurt by an explosive shell, and he wrote in a letter home that “Dying is a straightforward thing. I’ve looked at death, and I know. If I had died, it would have been very easy for me. Quite the easiest thing I ever did. But the people at home do not realize that. They suffer a thousand times more.” Years later, for his renowned short tale “The Snows of Kilimanjaro,” about an African expedition gone wrong, Hemingway modified his own experience—that of the spirit departing the body, flying away, and then returning—from his own experience. 

This is one of the top 10 near-death experiences that have been written about. When these encounters are pleasant, a range of sensations may be felt, including a sense of being detached from the body, sensations of levitation, complete calmness, safety, warmth, the feeling of perfect disintegration, and the presence of a light. When unpleasant, such experiences could entail distressing and agonizing feelings. Nevertheless, there is a lot you can learn from near death experience books

12 Best Near Death Experiences Books

Life is a mystery. Your time on earth is limited as well. Your belief system will determine what occurs after death. Do you need to make sense of a recent catastrophe in your life? Or curious about an excellent book? Or are you just wondering, What is the best book to read about grief? You might be able to get some perspective by reading these books about near-death encounters. You could discover consolation, solace, and proof. Or anything to stimulate your creativity.

 If you’re thinking about one of these titles for a beloved one, evaluate their situation. Sending flowers and a book to someone who is mourning is a lovely idea. The titles that follow can all be used in a variety of ways. Start with the best near death experience books on this list to get started on your knowledge of near-death experiences.

Imagine Heaven: Near-Death Experiences, God's Promises, And The Exhilarating Future That Awaits You


Imagine Heaven is one of the christian near-death experience books that gives you a motivational tour through the biblical description of heaven, filled with real-world examples of its marvels. Burke contrasts the compelling accounts of NDEs with what the Bible has to say about our main theological concerns: Will I be myself? Will I run into my loved ones and friends? How will it appear? How does God behave? What will we continue to do? What do you read about death? What about young ones and animals?

This book will propel readers into an experience that will fundamentally alter how they think about and conduct their lives now and in the future. Additionally, it addresses the challenging issues of heavenly reward and horrible NDEs. This informative and inspiring book will appeal to everyone interested in NDEs or longing to have a clearer vision of paradise.

Heaven Is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back | by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent


Colton Burpo’s household was ecstatic to learn he had miraculously survived an emergency appendectomy. They weren’t prepared, however, for the tale that surfaced in the months that followed—a tale that described their little son’s journey to heaven and back—which was both lovely and astonishing.

Colton, under the age of four, claimed to have left his body during the procedure and provided evidence for his claim by explaining precisely what his parents were doing in another area of the hospital at the time. He spoke about going to paradise and related tales from others he met there who he’d never met before, relating occasions that had occurred even before his birth. This is among the best selling books on life after death.

Life After Life: The Investigation of a Phenomenon | by Raymond A. Moody, Jr.


More than a hundred case studies of persons who went into “clinical death” and then came back to life are examined by Raymond Moody. This groundbreaking investigation into life after death, which was first published in 1975, sparked a change in people’s beliefs about the afterlife and made Dr. Moody the foremost expert on near-death experiences around the globe.

Publishers sold several million copies of Life After Life, which forever altered our perceptions of life and death. As Moody recounts the accounts of people who have traveled to the “other side” and back, many of which share remarkable parallels, they prove that there is life beyond physical death.

Embraced by the Light | by Betty Eadie


Mrs. Eadie claimed she “died” and left her body in the treatment center. She then reportedly traveled to her apartment and witnessed her family, traveled through a magical tunnel with a few spiritual friends, conversed with the Lord Jesus Christ, and went to visit, among other sites, a beatific lawn, a divine workroom (full of spiritual beings and looms working hard to create clothing for recent comers), and a reading room of the mind where her “comprehension was complete”.

Unfortunately, just as she was getting comfortable, a committee of twelve men informed her that she had to return to earth since her death had been untimely. This is among the list of fiction books about near-death experiences.”

7 Lessons From Heaven

7 Lessons From Heaven | by Mary C. Neal, M.D


Dr. Mary Neal, who appears in the Netflix original series Surviving Death, recounts unseen tales of her meetings with Jesus in this stirring sequel to the million-copy blockbuster To Paradise and Back. She also offers profound insights into how the prospect of heaven may make every day glorious. Millions of readers were gripped by Dr. Mary Neal’s remarkable tale of the kayaking tragedy that claimed her life and led her on a trip to heaven and back to Chile. Dr. Neal recognized she had more to say as she told her experience to audiences worldwide, particularly regarding the most critical issues, like how her tale might benefit others. And how does understanding that heaven exists alter our lives on earth?

On Life After Death | by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D.


A collection of motivational pieces offering direct guidance for individuals facing a terminal illness or the loss of a beloved one. Her work has helped numerous individuals through the grief process by establishing the idea of the five phases of death. Based on Dr. Kubler-research Ross’s of more than 20,000 patients who had near-death experiences, this famous collection of four pieces sheds light on her compassionate, unique, and often contentious conclusions about death, dying, and the afterlife. On Life After Death features essays that challenge and inspire us to approach the end of life not with anxiety but with open-minded, compassionate love. It also includes a new introduction by Caroline Myss that offers a personal viewpoint on Dr. Kübler-Ross.

Chakra Healing: A Beginner's Guide to Self-Healing Techniques that Balance the Chakras


Chakras are potent energy centers found within all living things. The potential for profound healing and regeneration exists inside each chakra. However, since so much of the material is either thick and academic or subjective and difficult to believe, it can be challenging to understand how to harness the incredible potential of the chakra system. Energy healer, acupuncturist, and Reiki master Margarita Alcantara treat the most prevalent illnesses individuals encounter today in her flourishing New York business.

She has been able to effectively teach her customers a variety of therapeutic modalities for clearing energy blockages and harmonizing their chakras. Margarita teaches clients how to identify the chakra approach best suits their requirements via hands-on training and kind encouragement.

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives


In Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, Ph.D., you may learn the most up-to-date information and most recent innovative findings that, for the first time, unravel the enigma of existence in the spirit realm after death on earth—proof that our awareness survives. If you are looking for answers, new near-death experience books like this are perfect for you. Dr. Newton made astounding discoveries on what occurs to us between lifetimes by using a particular hypnosis method to access the participants’ buried memories.

The journal of 29 persons who remembered their experiences after dying physically is called Journey of Souls. You will discover specifics about what it feels like to die through their incredible experiences. What do you experience immediately upon death? 

Between Death and Life


Dolores has gathered knowledge on the Death experience and what awaits beyond via 16 years of hypnotic study and past-life treatment. Her novel is a well-written reflection that our in-between existence with all its wisdom dwells within our unconscious.

This novel also examines: Guides and messengers, Ghosts and supernatural beings, Planning your current lifetime and karmic connections before your conception, The relevance of short lifetimes, Conceptions of God and the Devil, And a lot more. While fetching past-life experiences, thousands of participants stated the same remembrances when beginning to experience their death, the spiritual world, and reincarnation.

Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife


Although many people have reported having NDEs, experts contend they are not conceivable. The physicist Dr. Eben Alexander belonged to that group. Alexander, a very skilled neurosurgeon, was aware that NDEs, although feeling genuine, are only dreams created by brains under severe stress. Then, a rare disease started attacking Dr. Alexander’s brain.

The area of the brain that governs cognition and emotion—and, ultimately, what makes us human—shut off. He was unconscious for seven days. Alexander’s eyes suddenly opened as his physicians debated whether to cease their course of action. He had returned. This book about near-death experience by neurologist is insightful and interesting.

Revelations from Heaven: A True Account of Death


Randy Kay was not inclined to have overblown “divine encounters” or fantasy notions about the spirit world as a human development researcher, medical adviser, and director of clinical support. But after passing away in a medical setting, Randy Kay had a profound encounter with Jesus in heaven. Randy discussed this event in his first book, Dying to Meet Jesus, but not the paranormal insights and life-changing revelations he made.

What you learned when you were in heaven is a frequently requested subject by readers, and Randy feels that the Holy Spirit has given him a timely task to address it. Randy takes you through a personal heavenly encounter in Insights from Heaven while disclosing 31 revelations that God is communicating to you.

End Verdict

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