How to Delete or Cancel Pandora Account With Ease!

How to Delete or Cancel Pandora Account With Ease

Pandora is a music streaming platform with both free well-paid subscriptions. When a person uses the free version, they see ads while streaming their favorite music. However, with a paid subscription, one won’t be seeing those ads, but sometimes spending a subscription fee at a consistent interval of time can be expensive. In this case, a person looks for options to cancel Pandora subscription or even delete their pandora account. Another reason can be a person’s choice to save money and cut short on unwanted expenses. No matter the reason, we will cover the steps involved in how to cancel pandora

While initiating to delete pandora account, people usually try to uninstall the app from desktop or mobile devices. However, this does not mean that one has successfully deleted their account. A user needs to follow some steps given below to delete or cancel a pandora account.

Step by step guide to cancel pandora account:

When a person tries to cancel a pandora subscription, it might be a little complicated because of different ways. There are eight ways from which one can cancel their Pandora subscription, and let us see those eight ways: 

  1. Official Pandora website: One can easily can their pandora account through the official website of Pandora. All one needs to do is go to the official website and sign in with registered credentials. Further, click on the subscription section. There, one can find “Switch Plans,” then “Cancel Subscription.” After clicking on it, one has to enter the password of their pandora account. 
  2. Amazon: If a person uses Kindle, they can open “Apps,” then “Store,” Further, they can select “My Subscriptions.” and then choose “Pandora.” All one needs to do is turn off the auto-renewal.
  3. Apple: for apple users, users can cancel the subscription of Pandora in settings. An Apple user needs to go to their neighborhoods and then click on subscription further one can choose the option of canceling the subscription. 
  4. Best buy: If the best buy user wants to cancel their subscription, they need to first sign in to then click on “Plans and Subscriptions,” In this list of subscriptions, one needs to find the Pandora. Once a user sees it, they need to choose the cancellation option. 
  5. Google Play: On android devices, a user needs to open Google Play Store and then click on the top right corner; a user can see “Payments & Subscriptions,” now choose “Subscriptions,” and click on unsubscribe from Pandora. 
  6. Mobile Carrier: If a user uses Pandora from a mobile carrier, can directly contact the mobile carrier and cancel the pandora subscription. 
  7. Roku: A user can directly log in to their Roku account on a computer, find Pandora. Now users can directly hit on “Unsubscribe.”
  8. Sam’s Club: User can also cancel their Pandora subscription from Sam’s Club. 

Using a Password to Delete Pandora Account:

Pandora allows its users to cancel or delete their accounts at any time. When users delete their pandora account using any of the above ways, they cannot recover it, and the company cannot recover the permanently deleted funds of its users. So the user must be well aware of deleting their account permanently. 

Moreover, to unsubscribe from the paid version of Pandora, it is not compulsory to delete the account permanently, but users can also downgrade the subscription to a lower plan. A user can also downgrade from paid to the accessible version of Pandora. However, while downgrading, users can lose access to custom playlists. 

One can also delete the Pandor account of their loved one’s if the user knows their password. In both cases, mobile or desktop users need to:

  1. Sign in to the account with the password
  2. Cancel the paid subscription, if there is any
  3. Find and Go to Settings
  4. Click “Account”
  5. Choose the “Delete” option.

This was about deleting a Pandora account or steps to cancel Pandora from paid to the free version. There are no significant changes while downgrading from paid to the free version, but users will lose access to their custom playlist, which they created with their favorite songs. Make sure to share this article with anyone who might need to know this information. 

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