How To Delete The Yelp Account Of A Deceased Person?

How To Delete a Yelp Account

Decision-making about where to go when it comes to eating or picking a service for anything has always been tricky. The amount of research one has to do about various places in depth is a headache. A Social media platform/app like Yelp helps drastically by giving customers and businesses the platform to give their honest reviews of the products they tried.

It can be a physical product or a service that is measurable in efficiency. But as of now, many people want to delete their yelp account, but what could the reason possibly be? The most common reason to delete any account is that the consumer feels they have too much information/product at hand.

When it comes to Yelp, if people want to delete an account, it is probably due to it not being used anymore. As a customer or business owner, one does not feel the need to have a yelp account anymore and wants to delete it, or due to unfortunate circumstances, the account holder passed away. Hence, the account needs to be deleted.

With that, how long does it take to delete a Yelp account? And is there a shortcut on how to delete Yelp account 2022 Tips to help quickly delete a yelp account? It takes hardly any time, and the tips to delete your account are straightforward.

All about Yelp account

Yelp is that American social media platform where you can check out verified places and services based on reviews and visual proof. This ranges from various choices available as the categories present are vast and play on the base of want, need, and demand. The categories include restaurants, salons, home services, active life, and more.              

A Yelp account helps you, as a service consumer, decide based on the review it receives. It helps eliminate the unknown as a customer, whether it be regarding how the food is at a particular restaurant or a cleaning service’s efficiency in their work. It also helps spread good marketing for businesses that provide excellent and efficient services- creating a balance between the customer’s wants and business needs.   

Need of deleting yelp account

When one no longer uses the account by not using it up to its full potential, regardless of whether it is a personal or business account, wanting to delete it should be allowed by free will. Like how we unsubscribe from our channels online, deleting a Yelp account and knowing how to remove my email from Yelp with the permanent delete is also something people should know. How long does it take to delete a Yelp account- it is five minutes.

Yelp does have its drawbacks as well. It shows a lot of negative reviews of businesses which give a bad reputation. Yes, in short, a review that affects a business in a defamatory manner will be removed by Yelp as long as it is chargeable by law. 

With people wanting to detoxify themselves from their social life, getting off your social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., will help achieve this goal. A Yelp account plays a role in maintaining a busy extroverted social life by visiting places or gaining efficient services, and going overboard is something we tend to do unintentionally. You are getting a reminder on your email while checking for work is enough to be a distraction, and the reason is to know how do I remove my email from Yelp. 

As mentioned, getting rid of your Yelp account through email is impossible. So getting your email out of Yelp does not happen quickly either. Here are some easy steps that will guide you on how to remove an email from Yelp.

  • On your Yelp page, you would have an account settings section. Choose the general section.
  • This general section has a menu option to delete the existing email address. Click the Add Email option following the trash icon. 

Note: This is only in connection to how to remove my email from Yelp and not transfer ownership to another user’s account.   

How to Delete Your Personal Yelp Account

So how do I delete my yelp page or my yelp account? The process is simple, with easy steps to follow. Remember, once this account is gone and you want to join Yelp again, you will have to form a new account.   

  • Access your account by logging in. Ensure you visit the appropriate personal Yelp page while performing this action.
  • The next step will be to find a form to submit. Submit it as a request explaining why you want to delete your account.
  • After this, a Yelp representative will contact you after a few days regarding your submitted request. After explaining why you want the account gone, they confirm it.


How to delete Yelp account on an iPhone

Our phones come in handy for a lot of services and memories. Without our phones, we probably can’t imagine our lives, and unsubscribing to accounts, channels, etc., is a common habit just a click away. Knowing how to delete a Yelp account on an iPhone is simple. 


It is the same as long as you have the login details. You log in to your Yelp account through your browser page and do not open the page in the Yelp application as you do on the mobile browser. Submit your request with the explanation for why you want the account deleted, and they will respond within a few business days.

How to Close a Deceased Loved One’s Yelp Account

Remember that when you know how to delete a yelp account, all the content you have posted will be gone forever. It includes reviews, photos, etc., you have shared on Yelp. When deleting a deceased person’s account, if you have their log in details, one can follow the same method for deleting a yelp account.

You can extract their password through their digital vault if they own one and you are a beneficiary. If the deceased used a password manager tool, you could also use that to access it too. You can transfer ownership to another user when unwilling to delete the account.

How to Delete Your Yelp Business Account

Most people want to know how to permanently delete a Yelp account to start their businesses on a fresh note, minus the previous negative reviews gained in the business. The reason could also be the state of the business not existing anymore. Hence the business owner wants to shut down the Yelp page of it as well.


(877) 767-9357 is the number you can contact on Yelp from 6 am to 7 pm. The customer care service line is available from Monday to Friday at these above-stated timings. For future access purposes, use the strategy of transferring ownership of the account to another user rather than deleting it.  

How to delete Yelp Account 2022 Tips

The best way to delete your Yelp account is probably to do it on your PC. The reason is it makes the lengthy procedure faster and easier. The process is summarized as follows below.

  • Open your account on a web browser on your PC.
  • After you access your Yelp account, please send a request to their Closure page to terminate your Yelp account. 
  • This page gives you space to type in an explanation of why you want to delete your account, and then you hit send it in. 

Note: You must wait for a response in business days, similar to the other methods.


This blog answers the question of how do I delete my Yelp page or how to permanently delete a Yelp account efficiently by removing the confusion people face while deleting their Yelp account. Problems will arise when the deceased’s login details, such as password, are not at hand to access the account. How to delete the yelp account in such a scenario can be quite a hassle for family and friends. 


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