The Problems With Do-It-Yourself Online Wills

why you should avoid drafting a will yourself

The era of the internet makes everything much more straightforward. We have everything at our convenience with the ease of a button. But does the internet surpass the expertise of a professional when it comes to the question of drafting a will? If you are wondering how to make a will online or are unsure where to start, this article will tell you everything there is to know about online will and the issues with DIY wills.

A Do-It-Yourself will is a cheap and easy alternative to making a will, instead of the lengthy traditional way of contacting an attorney. But, easy DIY will might not always work out as well as you plan. People who choose to write a DIY online will, take the help of templates, online resources, or kits to draft the will. This article will explain why you should avoid drafting a will yourself. 

Problems With Do It Yourself Online Will

Drafting a will without the consultation of a professional can be a considerable risk. While drafting online will have some advantages, the cons might outweigh the pros. If you aren’t aware of the process of writing a will and refer to the internet for the same, the numerous options might confuse you. 

While writing a will, you must keep various things in mind, such as ensuring the language is legally accepted, a witness is present, and notary requirements are met. If a free will template doesn’t fulfill these requirements, a will can be deemed invalid. Hence, you should hire a professional to ensure you have a relevant will. 

Online DIY Wills Vs. Hiring a Professional

Although hiring a professional is always better, choosing whether to draft a will or hire an experienced attorney depends upon a few things you should consider before making the decision. 

  • Cost and Quality

    The first point to consider is the difference between cost and quality. While hiring a professional might be a costlier option, it will guarantee that the Will draft is of good quality, as a DIY will template might not fulfill your needs.

  • Size of Estate

    Will requirements are not the same for every person. If you have a significant estate, you might need the guidance of a trained professional.
  • Other risks

    For a will to be legal, there is more than one thing you need to keep in mind. From having a witness to using formal language, you must draft a will ideally for it to be valid. Online resources might not give you the best templates, and hence, can cause an issue. 

What Good Estate Planning Is All About

drafting a will is to protect your beneficiaries

Estate Planning is one of the most important things you need to tick off your checklist. Deciding who will inherit your assets after your death is vital for everyone.   

  • It will protect your beneficiaries.

    The most crucial reason for drafting a will is to protect your beneficiaries. When you have drafted a will, you can be sure that all your assets will be given to your loved ones when you are not around anymore. 

  • It safeguards your loved ones from a huge tax bite

    . Estate planning allows you to save your loved ones from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Hence, drafting a will creates the least tax burden on your beneficiaries.

  • It eliminates messes The decision of what happens to your assets after you die is a very critical and complicated topic. When you draft a will, it becomes easier for your loved ones to inherit your assets without any mess or legal troubles. 

Pros of DIY online will

Since will requirements are different for all, a DIY will might be a better option for you. Below are a few reasons why drafting a will yourself might be a better option than hiring a professional. 

  • It is pocket-friendly.

    One of the biggest reasons people opt for an online will template is because it is much cheaper than hiring a professional. Growing technology also makes it easier to draft various kinds of wills, no matter the estate size.

  • It is quick.

    Drafting a will isn’t mainly a time-consuming job, but hiring a lawyer might take significantly more time than simply drafting one from the internet. Hence, if you want to know how to make a will without a lawyer, there are plenty of options on the internet. 

  • It is adequate for most people.

    Will requirements differ for each person. Depending upon the estate size, a will gets more complicated to draft. But, for most people, the online templates Will adequately fill basic requirements.

  • It is easy to review.

    A will needs to be reviewed periodically to remain relevant. A DIY will is more accessible to review and make changes than one drafted by a professional. You will need to hire a professional again to review it every few months and redo the entire process.

Cons of DIY Online Will

Estate planning is an essential aspect of your life that determines the future of your assets when you pass away. Therefore, making a will is critical and needs to be carried out perfectly. Below are a few reasons to outsource the job to a professional instead of doing it yourself. 

  • The DIY will can be invalid.

    A will needs to be written with legal language, or it can be ruled invalid. In case your will is declared invalid, the distribution of your assets is given to the state. It can result in stress for your beneficiaries, making the process messy. 

  • The DIY will might not meet notary requirements and witness needs.

    Drafting a will needs to be met by proper notary requirements, and it also needs the presence of witnesses. In case these aren’t met, a will can be declared invalid. A professional draft, a Will drafted according to your needs, will ensure all the procedures are well taken care of.

  • They can be insufficient for large estates.

    A DIY will drafted from the internet might not cover the complexities of a more significant estate. If you have a business, own multiple properties, or have complicated family dynamics, a DIY Will can be insufficient to cover your needs. 

  • Various options on the internet might confuse you.

    Although DIY wills might sound less tiresome than hiring a professional, the various options on the internet might confuse you. It might be a better option to consult with an attorney if you do not know where to start.

Quick tips for DIY online will

If you want to draft a will but are unsure where to start, below are a few tips to keep in mind while drafting the perfect will. 

  • Choose how you want to draft the will.

    There are various online ways to draft a will and various templates you can choose from. Hence, you must select the one that suits your needs most. 

  • Consider the language you want to use.

    Writing a will needs to be done with proper legal language. The most important is that you need to state that the document is, in fact, your will or testament. A will that doesn’t use proper legal language might be declared invalid. 

  • Make a checklist of everything you need to include.

    Before drafting the will, make a checklist of everything you want to include in the document. From the beneficiaries to your assets to the executor of the will, everything should be included formally. If you miss crucial details, the will can become complicated and messy for your loved ones. 

  • Ensure everyone is informed.

    Drafting a will means legally mentioning the division of your assets amongst the people in your life. Although it’s not required by law that you inform your beneficiaries about the same, keeping them in the loop can be helpful. Another critical factor is to inform a witness about your will who needs to be present while the will is being drafted to deem it legal.
  • Review periodically.

    A Will needs to be reviewed time and time again for it to remain relevant. Our lives are changing rapidly; hence, the will’s details might need changes too. Therefore, you must review the document every few months to ensure it is up to date and relevant to your needs.


Our assets and estate have a lot of sentimental value to us, one that we would like to get passed on to our loved ones. Hence, drafting a will is vital in our lives. Nowadays, with growing technology, people are opting to draft an online will with the help of the internet.

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