How To Delete Your Spotify Account or Memorialize Playlists Before They Disappear?

How to Delete Your Spotify Account & Memorialize Playlist?

Today, most people around the world have subscribed to a music service. Apple, Youtube Music, and Spotify are among some of the prominent music service providers in the world. With our ever-increasing subscription count, it is necessary to pay attention to managing these accounts. If you have not already heard about it, then you should know that there is a way to delete the Spotify account for your deceased loved one.

Here are two ways that helps delete your Spotify account easily.

A. Delete The Account With A Password.

It is easy to delete your Spotify account with a password. Sometimes, our loved ones share their passwords to prepare for such a scenario. You can also end their Spotify Premium Subscription without deleting the account to save their playlists. Here are all the steps to delete Spotify account with a password:

  1. Sign in to their Spotify account.
  2. Cancel the Premium subscription.
  3. Pick the Account option and choose this option: I want to close my account.
  4. Spotify will ask you to choose between two options: “Close Account” or “Keep Free Account” Pick the “Close Account” option.

Viola! You have successfully closed the Spotify account. You will lose all the data on their profile when you delete it.

B. Delete Your Spotify Account Without A Password.

This part is tricky because Spotify assumes you have the password to the account. Most times, people are apprehensive about sharing their personal information like passwords. Unless they elect you as a digital executor of their property, you will not have their password. In such cases, you can not delete their account without contacting Spotify and submitting a request to delete it. 

How To Memorialize Spotify Playlist Of A Deceased Loved One?

Spotify does not offer the possibility to memorialize the playlist, unlike other online services. You can still remember your loved ones with their music. Spotify has an option to create Spotify Codes to share music with other people. These are barcodes or QR codes that redirect you to a song or playlist. You can generate these codes within seconds and share them with family and friends to remember your loved one. You can also print them on a card and hand them out during a funeral or memorial service.

Another option for honoring the memory of your loved ones is keeping their account active. You will also have to keep their email id operational if you want to reset the password. You can also recreate their favorite playlists in your account and share them with others. However, this route may take some time.

Most applications allow users to recreate their once-deleted accounts, due to which one can do so without consequences. However, sometimes we need to manage the accounts of our deceased loved ones. When people pass away unexpectedly, their digital accounts and other property often get abandoned. It is necessary for family members or some elected people to take ownership of these accounts or delete them.

Final Thought

Spotify accounts hold more information than our favorite music and artists. These accounts contain sensitive financial information people can misuse. It is necessary to secure our profiles or delete them at the right time. All applications/online services have different protocols for deleting or transferring the responsibility of their accounts. Some applications have fewer restrictions than others. The best way to handle these accounts is by approaching a company specializing in Digital Legacies.

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