How To Deactivate A TikTok Account When The User Dies?

Guide that shows How to Deactivate a TikTok Account?

It’s always a tragedy when a creator on any digital platform like TikTok passes away. One thing is for sure, there are those who want to keep the account alive, but that might be against the wishes of the person(s) who passed away. Therefore it’s always a challenge for friends, family members, and loved ones in keeping the account online or deactivate TikTok account permanently.

When a TikTok user dies, the account should be deactivated only if the creator mentioned it to their loved ones. The creator’s family can deactivate the account pull the liked videos, and keep them for memorial purposes.

Deactivate A TikTok Account (With Password)

If a loved one wants to deactivate the TikTok account of the user when they see the password, they can follow these steps:

  1. They can go to the log-in page of Tik Tok. 
  2. Once they have successfully logged in to the page, click on the “Profile” tab. 
  3. In the top right corner, there is an option of “Settings.” 
  4. Click on “Settings.”
  5. In the “Settings,” one must see the “Manage My Account” option.
  6. There is a “Delete Account” option in the manage my account.
  7. Now one can click on the “Delete Account” option, and the Tik Tok account will be deactivated/deleted. 

However, if the user of the TikTok account don’t want their content to go to waste after they die, they can do these things: One must share their log-in credentials with someone they can trust, probably their family or friends.

They can use the log-in credentials to manage the user’s TikTok account. If the user dies, they can delete, deactivate, or disable the account. Moreover, if the user wishes to let their performance be public for people to watch their created content, they can give their log-in credentials to a trustworthy person. That person can then update the account’s bio privacy settings and clear the inbox if the user is deceased.

Deactivate A TikTok Account (Without Password)

No one can predict someone’s death. Yes, if your loved one was recently deceased and you want to deactivate their social media, likely to be their TikTok account, you must have their log-in credential. If one doesn’t have the log-in credentials, they can contact TikTok support, and this is the last option to opt.

Moreover, to deactivate your recently deceased loved one, you have to provide proof of your relationship with the person whose account you are requesting to halt. Along with this, you need to give the evidence (death certificate) of the death too.

Suppose the user’s account was monetized or the content created by the user was generating revenue. In that case, the user can instruct regarding the same and track their affiliate marketing links and other forms of compensation.

Keeping a user’s account active can support the person protected even from identity theft, fraud, or hackers in the digital platform. One can create the deceased user’s fake profile and claim them. Protecting and keeping the account active will also keep the legacy alive of the dead person.


This article is meant for anyone who wants to know what happens when their loved ones pass away. Users of all digital platforms need to take the necessary steps to plan for what happens if they can no longer use their accounts. By following this guide, a user can be helped to deactivate a TikTok account after they die.