Are Online Wills safe to use?

Benefits of making an online will

The advent of Covid-19 increased our reliance on digitalization. In this digital world, many physical things have changed to the digital version. Schools and colleges conduct classes online, offices have allowed work from home, important meets happen online, and online stores are flourishing. Even Wills and estate can be drafted online in this era. An […]

Are Online Wills and Trusts Legal?

online or digital will is a legalized 'will'

When done correctly, online wills can be just as legal as one created by a licensed attorney and considerably less expensive. Making a will is highly recommended for anyone with significant assets. The main reason behind this is to ensure that the assets are not a bone of contention for your loved ones after you […]

How to Create a Digital Will?

create a digital will

Your assets today have expanded beyond the tangible ones to include even digital accounts and records. While drafting a Will now, it is not enough to include only traditional assets. However, you cannot include both types of assets in the same will either.  This is because, most often, primary Wills (with traditional assets) tend to […]

What is a Digital Will?

Digital Will definition

A Will is no longer a legal document to pass your worldly possessions.  Digital Wills are wills that determine the fate of a person’s Digital Assets once they die. In the digital age, making arrangements for what must happen to an individual’s Digital Assets is as important as making arrangements for their physical and tangible […]

How to leave Digital Assets through a Will

leaving digital assets through your will

In this post, you will learn about: Digital Assets that can pass through your Will Digital Assets that cannot be included in your Will Digital Assets is a set of digital properties you own. This can range from social media profiles to email accounts to documents stored in cloud to online shopping accounts and frequent […]